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Do any detergent big profits, small how much detergent production machine

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - Detergent 01 do big profits, small how much detergent production equipment, can speak, detergent products is the high industry quickly return the start-ups and small investment a great business opportunities, to buy detergent production equipment here can learn free detergent formulation, high-grade, middle-grade, the low-grade, one day you can learn to detergent production, have professional teacher to teach you, don't worry, you will never learn what does not need to culture can learn good technology, multi-use of detergent production equipment, affordable, 6800 yuan a start small, medium-sized ten thousand multivariate, use electricity, a 220 - volt cover an area of an area small, no noise, no emissions, very suitable for small factories at home! Many small investors are now want to join the army of washing products, but because of the shortage of funds and technology, on the market for cheap, small equipment to invest in production. So the equipment available in the market is jumbly. There are even washing powder and detergent machine is washing powder and detergent production equipment at the same time. Let's start with the characteristics of the product to analyze whether the device is reasonable. Is washing powder, dry powder products, will be affected with damp be affected with damp agglomerate, be affected with damp be affected with damp agglomerate detergent is absolutely not sell. What about detergent, is very mobile products, is more than 80% of the water. All manufacturers would be isolated from the powder and liquid workshop, definitely not Shared a workshop, let alone equipment. From the principle of equipment and then we analyze. Powder products of the main processing technology, the first is the tower of spray forming, it will take more than 1 million investment, it is hard to accept for small entrepreneurs; Second is mixed forming, at present the most fully mixed, the uniform equipment, is a horizontal mixer, at present all medium chemical plant, is purchasing the equipment to mix powder products. Production technology of liquid products, mainly is vertical mixing and homogeneous emulsification. The requirements of the powder mixing speed is slow, reducer for 40 - per minute Turn 60, and homogeneous emulsification machine, speed to 2800 RPM. The concept of motor function is not equal. So, draw a conclusion, powder and liquid equipment is absolutely not impossible miscellaneous mix. So please small investment, friends pay attention to choose production equipment, with good production equipment, to make our business success, to make no trouble back at home, we can make our business grew. A: a washing powder production equipment investment how much is the profit for the year
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