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Detergent technology development is expected to achieve economic growth

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 known, since the low carbon economy this new concept is put forward, we are always looking for economic development in a new direction. Economic experts point out that, according to the detergent industry authority to achieve steady economic growth in China, can improve the development of detergent technology. The detergent technology development means injected the fresh blood for detergent industry. And detergent technology development than people drive detergent products and detergents device manufacturing technology innovation. From the consensus and cooperation: from the Angle of Chinese booster of global sustainable development, 'the report, we are in a global scour the forefront of the industrial revolution, this new detergent technology revolution will help to sustainably meet the growth of population and consumption, and improve our position. We should seize the moment to detergent technology investment as the core of economic development plans. Promote the low carbon revolution, create millions of detergent industry related jobs. , of course, we have realized that to maintain sustained economic development, at the same time to solve the problems facing at present, the only way out is moving towards a low carbon future, we promote a global scour the industrial revolution, this is a kind of mission. We are trying to find out a dynamic balance, to create an effective, competitive, green low carbon economy development path. Of course we need to build consensus and detergent industry hand in hand to cooperate, this is the key to success. In an article:' Washing powder equipment 】 The role of the detergent solution in tail gas treatment
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