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Detergent production vendors would use misconceptions about washing powder

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 current detergent market, inferior detergent overrun, or even a 'bad money drive out good. It is not true, according to the actual investigation, the home of the truck on the market and bought many washing powder, send it to a third party laboratory, half of the product is unqualified. Misunderstanding between the following error: at present, the detergent used one, don't use SCR as compulsory environmental standards is different from the gasoline engine, diesel engine NOx and particle emission on human health and atmospheric environment harmful effects cannot be underestimated. All countries in the world committed to reducing NOx and PM emissions from diesel engine research, China is no exception. Way to improve fuel quality, energy saving and emission reduction for internal purification technology and exhaust after-treatment technology. Mistake 2, agricultural concept of urea have many owners, not sure what is washing powder? And one of the most common agricultural urea have why to distinguish? Although washing powder is urea, and agricultural urea could not be more different. Washing powder ratio has strict requirements, 32. High purity 5% urea, and 67. 5% of deionized water, one of the standards of quality, is the impurity control is very strict. And agricultural urea particles, metal ions, minerals and other impurities, harm is obvious. Myth 3, filling the ordinary water convenience friends not card focus on three issues: maybe card friends are very concerned about, whether can add tap water? If you can add pure water? Soft water and deionized water is what? We Chinese have an old idea, people can drink the water is clean, safe, is derived, therefore, can drink pure water will not damage the truck SCR system. Is, the truck is not so delicate electronic products, formidable optimus prime will not be small problems, but the high work load for a long time in the first line of the truck, but will be infinitely magnify these hidden danger, long illness into a disease. SCR system of filling water, instead of deionized water, equal to pick up sesame lost watermelon, penny wise and pound foolish to malfunction. A: on washing powder equipment | detergent consumption standards
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