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Detergent production note!

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Is not strange for a large chemical manufacturers, because after many years of production practice, they have accumulated the shampoo, detergent, washing powder, liquid soap catharsis things such as the production of a set of experience, especially in the production of these products and production after placing temperature control that is like the palm of his hand. But for creatives just investment detergent production, contact time is not long, because practice is not necessarily can remember technology training teacher prompt attention to detail. Production of detergent, then, what are the considerations? We summarized the following points: 1, the material specification for making machine detergent for the requirement of the production machine mainly includes two aspects of health corrosion. First of all, production machine must be easy to clean, meet the health requirements; Second, in the production of detergent will have acid and alkali substances. So, in 304 and with stainless steel or titanium lining enamel lined with the corrosion resistance of the material is the most common. This requirement is suitable for the production of all key, valves, and contact with the production of utensils and containers. Under normal temperature, of course, the turnover of the container can use the non-metallic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene. 2, water quality, water is composed of detergent products satisfy the standard of drinking water production of liquid detergent. About 80% in the ordinary detergent products are water, so the quality of the water quality directly affects the stability of detergent products. So when to buy water treatment, must according to the production product to buy reverse osmosis water treatment to the requirement of water quality, absolutely not pursue cheap, the results of water quality is not up to standard, affect the product effect. Waste of raw materials, manpower, and time. 。 。 。 。 。 3, technical formula detergent was about 80% of water, but about 20% of the ingredients also nots allow to ignore, the ratio of different. The cost of a finished product quality are very different, so, if you sure you want to do this business, formula is top priority! 4, the choice of raw material selection is also about product quality and cost. So it's best to have professional training guidance to you, to distinguish the stand or fall of raw material, make you less detours in the choose and buy of raw material choose and buy. Detergent production factory house, the previous: Detergent production machine 】 How to identify the inferior detergent
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