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Detergent production making machine investment nine asked nine answer

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 detergent production equipment investment nine asked nine answer ( Will see) A risk, investment, production of detergent laundry detergent? Answer: because the washing supplies market, high profit, less investment, so the investment of washing supplies risk small, suitable for families and individuals, small business plant, if just starting a business can first cottage industry production, sales of large scale of production. Second, hangzhou machinery technology make products and brand products what's the difference? Answer: scientific formula: any kind of washing supplies the washing effect is good or bad, there is a close relationship between its formula, hangzhou machinery to absorb the essence of washing supplies formula at home and abroad, combined with the actual situation of chemical industry in China, is the science and technology research and development staff after my unit of the countless times of test and data analysis of the science, the most economical and most practical technology a door! Our technology products produced by no matter from appearance, colour and lustre and using effect, can be equivalent to that of brand products! Formula the variety is complete, the product quality, grade, function, cost, color, flavor and consistency can be adjusted arbitrarily, kaleidoscope, the train can reach national standard! Three, can you provide the packing? A: our company providing a full range of packaging, labels, packing boxes, such as the certificate of using the trademark! Four, we how to expand the market? A: hangzhou machinery marketing plan provides the omni-directional 360 degrees, allows you to quickly expand the market, supermarkets, shopping malls, shops, markets, restaurants, hotels, hotel, bath center, dining room, laundry, industrial and commercial enterprises to become your partner! Can also be combined with each customer in the face of different regions, different cost formula and suitable for the local marketing plan, we will have a professional marketing team to escort you and advise! To help you occupy the market in the shortest possible time. Five, I can learn technology? A: no requirements to education, regardless of cultural level, we detailed technical training by professional and technical teachers, usually three to five days be able to handle full set of technology! Site operation, production, BaoJiao package will personally, learn so far! Reach the effect of brand products, free send you a device! Six, shampoo, shower gel, detergent, hair conditioner, laundry detergent, washing powder and other products the cost of profits? A: in front of the second about the quality of the products, the scale, function, cost can control yourself, in general, the cost of shampoo can be controlled in 8 - MAO 1. 8 yuan/kg, the cost of shower gel can be controlled in 5 - MAO 1. 5 yuan/kg, the cost of detergent can be controlled in MAO - 1 8 / jin MAO, the cost of the conditioner can be controlled in 4 - MAO 1. 2 yuan/kg, the cost of laundry detergent can be controlled in 5 - MAO 1. 5 yuan/kg, the cost of washing powder can be controlled in 8 - MAO 1. 6 yuan/jin, low can be more low, of course, can also be higher, is to control by ourselves, this is the biggest advantage of self-marketing. As for will not have to worry about profits, and the average combined profits can reach 400% 800%, second only to cosmetics, ranked second in the China's top ten profiteering industry. Seven, I walk far away or don't have the time to learn can direct remit money to buy equipment to send recipe? Answer: if you really don't have time to come and live to learn, but can be by teaching methods such as video acquisition in the home, because the catharsis things relatively simple production technology, equipment, easy operation, only a few switch control, so don't come and live to learn and can complete control of production process. Eight, good raw materials to buy? Is it expensive? Produced products will not harm the skin? Answer: washing supplies raw material is very common, also very good buy, are sold throughout the country chemical market, and cheap, the commonly used material is generally a few hair to a few dollars a kilo, my company will be provided to upgrade students local address and telephone number for raw material purchase to the nearest, and the company can act as purchasing agency service for free, as for the products will not harm the skin, is related to the PH value of your goods, as long as the product produced, the PH of the then will not have any harm to human body, because the raw materials are non-toxic harmless, in the learning process, we will teach you how to adjust the PH value of products, in order to achieve absolute security products! Nine, I do the project company can ensure that I make money? Answer: the archaism cloud: 'ensemble, the situation,' the ebb tide, the survival of the fittest, is to rely on a man to do business, the same business to people of different results will be different, I think this is a matter of common sense, so the conclusion is: 'no business to make money, only not to make money' and of course to choose a good project entering the market is also very important, can achieve twice the result with half the effort, good project is must have big market, high profit, simple operation and investment as small as possible of this a few elements, so the investment of washing supplies production is your small business, the first choice, the choice of project change life! As long as have 'would rather sleep floor, also should make the boss' such faith, courage and insight, and why should I worry about do not cause? Is the so-called 'man proposes, god disposes', that is left is to earn earn less, and only know to do anything to your bottom line not line, even if failed, also don't regret, but 'failure is the mother of success! A fear of failure is the man who is will never be able to succeed! A: buy small detergent production equipment you earned
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