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【 Detergent production machine 】 How to identify the inferior detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
There are many brands of detergent on the market, some inferior detergent after use, hand have a burning sensation, this is a harm to human body. To avoid the use of inferior detergent, we in the choose and buy and use need to identify detergent. How to identify the inferior detergent? Method is as follows: 1, from the famous brand high-quality detergent packaging printing clearly differentiated on the package, no wrong version and ink pollution phenomenon; Counterfeit famous brand detergent, inferior packing most of the printing quality, have the wrong version and ink pollution phenomenon. 2, visually distinguish brand high quality detergent for similar small grain of rice in the hollow granular, bagging fleeciness, hand bags have slid loose feeling, pure color, uniform particle size distribution; Fake detergent mixed coarse particle or induration, after bagging, bag space is larger, hand bags have sluggish acerbity feeling, sallowness powder color. If the color for the grey blue with enzyme, enzyme activity has expired, or for other material after dyeing. 3, distinguish from the use of high-quality detergent into the water to dissolve quickly, without touching the solution to burn handle, solution is clear and smooth, foaming capacity is much, detergency, less dosage and washing efficiency significantly, no pungent smell. And fake detergent into the water to dissolve slowly, aqueous turbidity, pelvic floor have sediment, touching the solution has a temperature the handle, bubble volume little, poor detergency, plus a lot of, the washing efficiency is still very low, a pungent smell of alkaline. Detergent production factory house, the previous: two type detergent production making machine price
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