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【 Detergent production machine 】 How much detergent quality closes nevertheless hazard

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 drive friend is no stranger to the detergent, 'detergent or engine cooling fluid, is indispensable to automobile engine functioning cooling medium. Is the main function of detergent, parking in the cold winter, to prevent the coolant freezes and burst radiator and freezing engine cylinder block or cover, and at high temperature in the summer, can effectively prevent boiling, avoid even the appearance of boiled. Automobile detergent role, directly affect the performance and service life of car. Detergent quality closes nevertheless harm have how old? Hangzhou machinery detergent equipment manufacturers tell you: 1, the inferior detergent in use process produce crystal may cause warm wind machine core part of the plug; 2, in extreme cases may cause water tank cooling capacity is reduced, the water temperature increases, the engine overheating, 'bring phenomenon; 3, serious and even cause accidents, a tragedy. What is the quality of detergent? Quality detergent can effectively reduce the cooling fluid freezing point, stop the coolant tank caused by low temperature freezing, such as engine cylinder body burst accidents, and ensure the engine in - The normal work of 40 ℃ low temperature environment. At the same time high quality detergent can effectively improve coolant boiling point to more than 105 ℃, can guarantee the coolant by higher temperature without boiling ( Boiled) , to a certain extent, meet the demand of the high load of engine cooling cooling, thus protecting the car engine to work properly. The previous: the production of detergent solution how much investment?
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