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Detergent production machine: can mix different automobile detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01, many different kinds of automobile antifreeze, like in the inorganic calcium chloride ( CaCl2) , the organic matter in the methanol ( CH3OH) , ethanol ( C2H5OH, the common name for alcohol) And glycol ( C2H4( 哦) 2, the common name for a sweet alcohol) , glycerin ( C3H5 ( 哦) 3, the common name for glycerin) , lubricating oil, and we in the daily life of common sugar, honey and so on, all the mother liquor can be used as detergent, in adding suitable amount of pure water ( Does not contain or a small amount of water containing calcium and magnesium ions, such as distilled water and unpolluted rain, snow, etc. , the composition of the total hardness of water quality concentration in 0 30 PPM) After, can be a general sense of detergent. To date, most factories around the world using ethanol, ethylene glycol and glycerol as the mother liquor of automobile detergent, notably the ethylene glycol type detergent used in the majority. Now import and domestic cars in our country, most of them are using ethylene glycol type detergent. Above the logo of the detergent, usually with main ingredients, although the color is different, but if the main composition is the same, is mixed with won't have too big effect. Sometimes, despite the same color, but the major constituent is different, it must not be mixed. Nonetheless, different brand mix with composition detergent is not recommended, if is for emergency, just a little. Then what on earth can mix the detergent? The answer is owing to the different detergents. Now has brand of detergent big said, small said that under the same brand with brand, in order to distinguish different brands of the same brand of detergent often join different stain, it brings to the user's visual impression is the color of the detergent, baidu once, come out the result of many users mention what colour what detergent can mix? For the same use of the same brand of detergent, its formula is often has the similarity, can be mixed. For different brands of the same purpose detergent, the basic formula is not the same, in other words, each have each trick, each product will be confidential, so, no matter how to don't put a mixture of different brand of detergent. If on the road more anxious, and detergent for will buy again, this time can be used to add water, it is better to clean water, use less as far as possible mineral water or well water. Reach the condition to replace, detergent to timely replacement. Relevant search: detergent on the device a: detergent production equipment performance is introduced
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