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【 Detergent production factory house 】 Washing powder nozzle clogging and damage reasons

by:Meibao     2020-11-01
1970 - 01 - 01 usually result in washing powder nozzle clogging and damage for the following reasons: 1, the detergent solution below-standard quality low price on the market of inferior not content and impurity in the detergent solution can cause too much damage of nozzle clogging. Urea solution after the nozzle spray solution 2, car residual engine ignition is turned off, the nozzle of the urea will residual liquid crystal line pipe and the nozzle block 3, the SCR system don't work long-term urea nozzle is located in the exhaust pipe, the high temperature environment for a long time, but it works when it is through the cycle of urea solution for cooling, if not the cooling effect of the urea solution, urea nozzle are prone to damage. SCR system does not work for a long time results in a residual detergent solution crystallization in the SCR system pipeline and spray nozzle, and because of the long-term lack of soaking liquid of life of parts of the SCR system to reduce or even damage. 4, objective factors in the SCR system occur complicated physical and chemical reactions, including the atomization of the urea solution, crushing, evaporation, and droplets exhaust energy and momentum exchange, particles bump wall process, liquid film is formed, the catalytic reduction of Nox, etc. , and urea injection after the formation of the spray field and temperature field along with the change of working condition of engine running time change, urea droplet in the decomposition of ammonia, also generate cyanate, biuret, cyanuric acid, such as intermediate, easy to form sediments such as urea crystal stone. Sediment constantly accumulated, can also cause nozzle clogging. A: on the correct use of diesel oil washing powder
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