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Detergent production factory house VS investors dialogue

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 detergent production equipment manufacturer VS investors dialogue detergent production equipment manufacturers: hello, what's the problem? Investors: hello, I want to know about your detergent equipment detergent production equipment manufacturer: can, let's detergent equipment price 5000 yuan, buy equipment technical formula is free to teach. Can produce detergent, shampoo, shower gel, clean lavatory spirit, hair conditioner and other liquid products. Investors: this device can produce? Detergent production equipment manufacturers: yes, because the device is emulsifying machine, all the products can be emulsified liquid, mainly formula, emulsification machine is the same. Investors: mixer? Detergent production equipment manufacturers: not a blender, we is the mulser, and mixer are two different principle, is to make the material melt in water, stir, over time, the separation, the guarantee period of the cases even if add preservatives in about two years. Investors: Mr, what is the cost of the detergent? Detergent production equipment manufacturers: cost in bulk in three or four cents, the cost of bottled seven MAO investors: including packaging bottle, bottle, can you provide? Detergent production equipment manufacturers: do not include packing, due to the types of bottles too many, my company can't production, so can only offer you manufacturer, usually in 3 - a bottle price 5 MAO investors: quality? Detergent production equipment manufacturers: according to the formula with the device to produce a product of our company is a national testing, can reach the standard. Investors: do you have a brand? Detergent production equipment manufacturer: yes, buy equipment brands are authorized you to use free of charge. Investors: raw materials? Detergent production equipment manufacturers, we use raw materials are on the market, it's easy to see, so are sold in local city. Investors: do you have other brands? Detergent production equipment manufacturers, our company is that a brand, you can choose to use can also use the true brand on the market. Investors: this I know, equipment warranty? Detergent production equipment manufacturers, equipment is free of charge warranty of three years investors: good product sales, and they were afraid to not sell? Detergent production equipment manufacturers: each product has each product in the market, such as detergent market, bulk of restaurants, hotels, schools, factories. These are high demand, you can go to the local grocery store of bottled, bazaar, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places can be, the market is very big. We can guarantee is the quality of the equipment and products to you, can't give you promise is everyone can do business, each individual has their own sales model you said right? So, as long as the products of good quality and cheap you also worry about what? Investors: give me I can go to see the customer's address? Detergent production equipment manufacturers: general customers are using household production, so we do not convenient tell you specific address, if you want to visit to company on-the-spot investigation, the company has a workshop of entities and display of the sample, you can try samples first, if you feel that it might be possible to determine equipment. If you don't believe it can after the training, take you to produce a product compared to the sample before, if the sample can make you satisfied, and make your own products and the sample have difference we will be a full refund. Investors: well thank you, have the time I go to see your company detergent production equipment manufacturers: well yes, Sir ( Ms) What's your name, please. Investors: my name is ~ detergent production equipment manufacturers: ~ how are you, just give me a call before come, company to arrange a car to meet you, later I let us the specific address and bus route to you on the phone. Investors: well good. Goodbye detergent production equipment manufacturers: goodbye. The above is the detergent production equipment manufacturer company investors QQ dialogue with customers. The previous: shampoo production equipment: free training course catalog ( Section)
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