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Detergent powder making machine join is a fraud?

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
Detergent powder making machine join is a fraud? Join now more and more fire detergent powder making machine, gradually develop into a vast blue ocean market potential. Currently on the market detergent production factory house is more and more, good and evil people mixed up, manufacturer of washing powder making machine the good and bad are intermingled. Detergent powder making machine join is a fraud? Joining is not necessarily the scam detergent powder making machine. But from the washing powder and washing powder production machine to the factory production process. On March 1, 2018, the Chinese quality newspaper reported the tianjin sampling washing powder, 4 batch product is unqualified '. Supervision and administration commission of the tianjin market and quality in the domain of nominal shandong, hebei, jiangsu, tianjin, Beijing and other 5 10 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government enterprises of production of 29 batch sampling observation of quality washing powder goods carried out, the results of four batches unqualified. The spot check according to GB 29518 - 2013 diesel engine nox reductant urea aqueous solution, sampling and found a company in tianjin production two batches of the product urea content in liquid detergent, shandong weifang company production of washing powder a lot of calcium, sodium, the tianjin a company produced a batch of products aldehydes, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, index is unqualified. Detergent powder making machine join scam ( A) : making machine is too simple, can't meet the production process of the washing powder. Domestic urea purification come mainly from industrial washing powder, its main principle is: 1) In 70 - temperature At 75 ℃, hydrolysis of urea occurs in aqueous solution. 2) When the temperature below 30 ℃, urea crystallization from aqueous solution. 3) Every hydrolyzed crystallization, its purity will be greatly increased, and generally using industrial grade urea hydrolysis crystallization time, can meet the requirements of detergent standard, its output ratio is 1. 5-1. Can know from the washing powder production technology, production of washing powder making machine has the best heating function. Detergent powder making machine is a scam ( 2) : detergent must use electronic ultrapure water industry level, cannot use the normal water treatment. Metal ion poisoning because of SCR catalyst carrier easily happened to lose their catalytic effect, so the level of ultrapure water detergent solution must use the electronic industry. As shown in figure simple water treatment can only be carried out on the water filter, if the upgrade found washing powder making machine distributor in this single or continuous three side by side link blue filter, a water yield is low, the second is the filter easy to jam, three is unable to remove the heavy metals in the water and bacteria that can only be used for simple household water filter, cannot be used for processing the production of water washing powder, taobao, the price is only 90 yuan each. Liquid detergent powder making machine, fangdongye manufacture machine, automatic measuring feeding raw material production, liquid materials infrared thaw producing machine, drum materials handling machine, detergency test making machine, water treatment, detergent production machine, automatic drum machine, plastic bottles, etc. , zhejiang set research and development, production, sales, washing product composition analysis and third party quality inspection, such as one-stop comprehensive support, fit-out national patent products and technologies, only do high-quality goods think of casting, not for cheap and inferior! Users a choice, for a long time. Zhejiang co. , LTD. Address: furong district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province east on a telephone: 902-137 8720 - 2028
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