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Detergent industry competition situation and market opportunity analysis

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Detergent has been one of the most commonly used cosmetic products, is also China's fast-moving consumer goods market competitive field. Brand of detergent industry, the situation of domestic brand and foreign brand coexistence has been a long time. In the early 1990 s, the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries of the multinational companies have swarmed into washing market in our country, to bring advanced products and new washing detergent powder market in China the concept at the same time, also caused great pressure to China's domestic brands. Today, how the status of the detergent market in China? How are the consumer perception of the brand of washing powder? Therefore, diener market research institute in June 2007 to complete the perceptive quality washing powder, select 50 major cities of the country's 18 and older residents by telephone interviews, involving the detergent market ten main brands: diao card, and made white, white cat, secret, tide, keon, ariel, wave, panax notoginseng and white, the content including laundry detergent brand image, decontamination capability, dissolution rate, soft, smell, packing, buy convenient, many aspects, such as ratio of 2730 effective questionnaires were collected in the end. A basic situation, consumers to buy washing powder in the investigation of all consumers, a recent purchase of diao card washing powder had the highest percentage of close to 15%, choose tide, and made white, and the proportion of the secret, ariel, keon detergent are also reached more than 10%. The above six brands combined purchase rate reached 73. 3%. Because of the washing powder is a product of a higher brand loyalty, so the investigation of purchases could in part reflect the brand's market share. In our country, therefore, detergent market, brand concentration is higher, most of the market dominated by a handful of brands. Different demographic groups to buy washing powder on the brand choice of basic rendering the above characteristics, but some people choose stronger propensity to some certain brands, such as more than males, aged 45 and older consumers, annual household income in 30000 yuan of the following consumer choice diao card washing powder is much higher, the proportion of 3 - 60000 yuan of consumers to choose the proportion of tide detergent is also higher, and the high income of 60000 yuan of above consumer show stronger preference for the secret washing powder. Different regions of consumer choice of washing powder in a similar situation, an even greater percentage of the eastern region to choose the secret washing powder, the central region choose diao card and waves, washing powder tend to be more strong, and in the western region higher preference for laundry detergent. Consumer evaluation of laundry detergent brand image: foreign brand occupy the top three positions, research shows that consumers of laundry detergent brand image evaluation is the highest two brands ariel and tide, and they are multinational giant procter &gamble's products, in third place was the secrets of the unilever brand. Another foreign brand - — Henkel wei white brand image's very close to the industry average, ranked fifth. Domestic brand, the brand image of the white cat detergent is higher than the industry average. Need is put forward here is that the brand image of diao card washing powder is slightly lower than the industry average, but it was elected in 2006 detergent industry of the national iconic brands ( This is the result of by the China brand research institute) , the news of the brand image of ascension will certainly have a positive impact. Brand has become the important reference index of the consumers choose products, domestic brand of washing powder need in such aspects as product appearance, diversity, advertisement to enhance the cultural quality of the brand. Three, consumer evaluation of the quality of washing powder: foreign brand overall dominant survey, consumers of foreign brands of ariel, tide, secret and domestic brand of white cat detergent washing powder product quality is recognized. From refine metrics, the decontamination capability, dissolution rate, smell, packaging, accessible, and meet the specific requirements, all is ariel, tide and the secret washing powder at the top, including ariel washing powder in decontamination ability and smells very prominent advantages; In soft sex, tide, ariel, white and the secret washing powder occupied the position of the top four. From the point of domestic brands, consumers of white cat detergent decontamination ability and dissolution rate is higher, it's convenient to make consumers feel to buy diao card washing powder, the other four domestic brand - — White, notoginseng, keon and waves in the above all aspects of performance. Detergent production equipment next article: what detergent production equipment purchase skills? A: laundry detergent technology formula how to identify true and false?
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