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Detergent formulation process operation

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
Detergent formulation process: the quantitative deionized water into the pot, ingredients in a mixing in solid alkali, after being dissolved it slowly for linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid, mixing and pH value to 7-8, in 60-70 temperature surfactants AES, AEO9, 6501, dissolves in other additives, add right amount after make clear transparent essence, supplement deionized water. Detergent for daily consumer goods, produce environmentally safe products, clean and polite, in leather, agile differentiation greasy, fast decontamination, in addition to bacteria, effective completely clean and no residues, when washing a more fruity, white light, such as new after washing. Often used to ensure that occupy the home health, prevent bacteria infection. Primary ingredients: linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium, sodium dodecyl sulfate, olefin sulfonate, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sodium sulfate, alkyl alcohol amine, alkyl indican, alkyl betaine, etc. Chemical composition: detergent is the first ingredient of alkyl sulfonate, fatty alcohol ether sodium sulfate, foaming agent, solvent, essence, water, pigment, preservative, etc. , are chemicals. Alkyl sulfonate and fatty alcohol ether sodium sulfate are anionic surfactant, petrochemical products, for the decontamination oily be soiled. Chemical machinery url: chemical machinery address: hangzhou qingshan district 20 floor 24 hours free telephone: the bank of China tower
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