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Detergent, detergent industry investment returns, profit dialysis

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 China as the world's one of the most big automobile consumption, the shortage of automobile maintenance services, as people service consciousness gradually strengthened, car, car has become essential choice. In the 21st century, car service, there would be ready for the future. Dosage of detergent products proportion: medium cities at the county level car ownership calculated at 600000 cars, each car detergent with 4 kg or 11200 tons a year, if has a 1% market share, there are 112 tons of sales, the most conservative profit per ton, 3000 net profit of 210000 yuan. Dosage of detergent products: each car detergent with 8 kg or 4800 tons, if has a 1% share, there are 48 tons of the sales, calculated on the most conservative profit is 200 yuan per ton, net income up to 9. 60000 yuan. As long as you have the local scour, detergent market 1% market share, the annual net income of up to 32. 40000 yuan, you buy a car, get rich, who built the wise choice. A: the market value of the concentrated laundry detergent is introduced
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