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Detergent aftertreatment system maintenance work

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 the four standards, coupled with the advent of the era of the five, everyone have a certain knowledge of washing powder gradually, but often after the use of detergent solution, or the inevitable problems of one kind or another, it is a lot of people habitually ignore SCR aftertreatment system has broken down, they also need regular maintenance. Washing powder below small make up take you to get to know the post-processing equipment maintenance work. What is the SCR aftertreatment system? SCR is under the action of catalyst, injection reductant ammonia or urea, reduction of NOx in the exhaust gas into N2 and H2O, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. SCR technical structure is simple, as long as the engine on the basis of established, increase a set of system of urea reductant, again add detergent solution on a regular basis. This technology not only can improve the vehicle fuel economy, and to extend its maintenance cycle. Washing powder of tail gas from after the exhaust turbine mixing tube, urea metering jet devices are installed on the mixing tube, urea solution, injection of urea hydrolysis and pyrolysis reaction at high temperatures generated after NH3, the SCR system using NH3 NOX reduction catalyst surface, get rid of N2. Washing powder in the system mainly includes the urea pump, nozzle urea, urea tank, etc. , so the usual for SCR system maintenance is mainly concentrated in the three aspects. SCR system itself is more sensitive, filling detergent solution, must conform to the national standard GB29518 - 2013 standard. The detergent manufacturer to popularize the urea system maintenance tips. SCR aftertreatment system maintenance tips: 1, the urea pump maintenance due to the vehicle to stop working after urea pump and piping in the presence of residual liquid, so need to clean vehicles shut down after the ignition switch is working to prevent crystallization or freeze. All urea pump have filter or filter element, the technical requirements must be regular cleaning or replacement, or over time will result in blocked or damaged so that lose filtering effect, will cause the system work disorder. 2, urea nozzle maintenance if the detergent solution quality closes nevertheless, then love inferior detergent solution to some of the insoluble impurities, material, build up urea nozzle could jam or damage. Another cause of urea nozzle clogging may also be a detergent residues caused by the sediment reaction, so we need maintenance good urea nozzle at ordinary times, often clean the nozzle, urea can use hot water invasion bubble etc. And fuel injector is made from 304 stainless steel with ceramic cores. So when maintenance nozzle should be careful and don't make it, otherwise may damage the ceramic coating. 3, tank liquid level of urea can maintain urea urea solution shall be added to 100% ( At low temperature in winter, can be loaded with 90%) , when consumption to 20% urea solution, you need to add urea solution; Urea liquid level and need to check every day, check the presence of urea liquid leakage, not too much, not too little, No less than 18%) 。 Every year the engine for maintenance, the bottom cleaning, open the urea release in the precipitation; Also not regular inspection as found vent valve or white crystalline liquid mouth, available water, also can use wet cloth to wipe, breather valve block is found, also can use water to clean or replace; Another 2 years to 3 years to replace the filter in the cabinet, do not regularly check the plug-in and pipe fittings are in good condition. In general, SCR processor after replacement of assembly is more, in order to save the cost of driving, so regular cleaning maintenance to SCR system and selection of washing powder is very necessary! But must pay attention to the SCR aftertreatment system has strict requirements, the relative position of each assembly relationship detergent manufacturer has its modular arrangement, so everyone in the cleaning maintenance time attention, don't change its position. A: laundry detergent technology formula how to identify true and false?
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