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Desalination technology and system combination characteristics of ion exchange resin

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Ion exchange resin desalination technology and system combination characteristics of once-through boiler was developed in 1940, the water can't put it into commercial operation, the reason is that can meet the strict requirements for water supply dc dc boiler. Until the chemical desalination process, once-through boiler to development. In fact is not only a once-through boiler must use chemistry in addition to salt water as the boiler make-up water, even the critical parameters of the steam drum boiler, even is 15. 7 mpa boiler using distilled water are unable to make the steam silica content is qualified. Chemical desalination process, as it were, paving the way for the development of large capacity boiler unit. The most simple chemical desalination system is two bed tower system, namely acid, decarburization, alkali Yang Yang bed bed, this system also referred to as a level 1 double bed desalination. The effluent water quality can reach the conductivity (including S / 2 cm or less, silica (including 50 g/L, or less hardness & lt; (including 1 mol/L, or even close to zero. The water as a medium pressure boiler make-up water is of high quality water, even if the supply of 10. 8 mpa boiler is also qualified. Level if Yin bed desalination system has failed to stop the running system, will immediately send PH< 4 the acidic water. From 1974 to 1975, when the feed water pump and boiler corrosion research, through the experiment to confirm the above problems, and points out that do not use level in addition to salt water as boiler make-up water directly. Three bed four tower level in addition to salt chemical desalination system of the mixed bed, is the most simple and reliable operation of system, the water conductivity of product can be lower than 0. 3 (including S/cm, silicon dioxide below (including 20 g/L, hardness is zero. If meet the mass to 10. 8 to 18. 5 mpa steam drum boiler of requirements. But this kind of system regenerant consumption is higher, even with countercurrent regeneration, usually Yang bed is the one of the theoretical amount. More than 4 times, theory of Yin bed is the amount of 1. More than 5 times, which makes recycled waste production amount. Due to reduce the burden of the Yin bed decarburization, regeneration in total acid is higher than in the total alkali liquid, in the treatment of the regeneration of waste liquid, but also think adding alkali. Weak type resin exchange capacity big, quantity of consumption of regenerant close to theory, it is easy to be cleared. This provides a strong type resin regeneration fluid as regenerant. Use strong resin with weak type resin desalination, can make the consumption of regenerant dosage, close to theory from recycled waste liquid is close to neutral. Weak acid resin mainly to exchange reaction with calcium and magnesium carbonate; Weak base resin and acid anion, can according to need to configure the system. On the system of general arrangement can take weak acids, strong acid, Yang Yang bed bed, decarburization, weak base, strong alkali Yin Yin bed bed and mixed bed. Should be based on the characteristics of raw water and making machine was carried out on the water quality layout. Conventional making machine is the fixed bed, downstream regeneration and countercurrent regeneration, the floating bed is bed regeneration, runtime has been lift into the water bed, also is countercurrent regeneration principle. Resin countercurrent regeneration regeneration degree is high, the runtime can be utilized fully, failure when the saturation is high, therefore, it has very good water quality and consumption of regenerant can reach theory of 1. 4 to 1. 5 times. Bunk bed with double chamber advisable, some designed to variable diameter double chamber bed according to actual condition. To meet the requirements of environment quality, reduce the use of regenerative agent, after 1990, fully using the membrane desalination, can make the acid, alkali dosage is reduced by more than 90%. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine, liquid detergent production machine laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: horizontal mixer material leakage on what to do
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