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by:Meibao     2020-10-20
Daily chemical products the production of raw materials do not use any harmful additives, PH value neutral and environmental safety; The used water safe, do not contain phosphorus and fluorescent whitening agent. Super concentrated flavor, fragrant but not strong, washing clothes with light fragrance; Science and technology content high, non-toxic pollution-free, no harm to human body; Has the ability of deep clean, is three times as much as the ordinary detergent making machine clean ability, and has the characteristics of low foam is easy to rinse, very suitable for machine wash and hand washing. After washing with a color bright color, fragrant, long-term is a reversal of traditional laundry mode, with strong market competitiveness of products! A complete set of laundry detergent production machine consists of the following parts: the central soft water machine, large synthetic machine, liquid filling machine. Making machine features and use: the central soft water machine: by adopting the technology of nanocrystalline TAC, remove more than 99% of the calcium and magnesium ions in water, and the algae in the water, suspended solids and other foreign body, make the hardness of water control in 5 parts per million, the treated water softening and more clear. Making machine has the function of recoil, no filter, an hour to soften 2 tons of water. The role of soft water, foam, feel is good, reduce wear clothes, make clothes after washing, soft, colour and lustre stay longer. Large synthetic machine: through the inside of the mixing plant at high speed, the material of the tank to full reaction, to the emulsion, fully mixing effect. It can produce 600 jin - at a time 800 catties. Quantitative filling machine: through agitation tank out of the finished product, let stand place, no bubble, need filling, manual filling lack precision, low efficiency, need a filling machine to complete. Piston quantitative filling machine, but for different high viscosity fluid filling, filling accuracy, simple operation, easy to maintain and filling no drop leak. Filling head free choice, has 2, 4, 6 head a variety of choices. The operation is simple, easy to get started. 1, daily chemical products production process. First is tap water through the water treatment machine manufacture, through layer upon layer filter, remove water electrolyte, minerals, such as the deionized water, deionized water stored in the water tank. 2. According to take raw materials needed for the spare, dosing and barrels. 3. By automatic measuring instrument will right amount water in mixing dissolved in the water. 4. Will match good laundry detergent raw materials formula, in turn, put a mixing tank, stir to mix well. 5. Sampling inspection finished product is unqualified, qualified after discharging. 6. Let stand for 24 hours, after waiting for laundry detergent defoaming can filling. 7. After filling, screw cap, labeling, in turn play yards, sealing and so on
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