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Buy small detergent production machine you earned

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 to buy small detergent production equipment but oneself home production sales, expand the rural side of the market, need not go out to work, don't go out sales, a product sold to households, relaxed home business! Four big characteristics make you confident to make money: 1, there is no limit to the degree of staff did not meet the requirements of the age and culture, with or without qualifications are operational, especially suitable for medium and small investors get rich project. 2, to earn money without washing products with everyone from home, big market, at home can be production sales, cover an area of an area small, one or two people can produce and sell! 3, there is no limit to the season of washing products to everyone to use all the year round, the product quality time is long, don't need to control money, free production, relaxed and comfortable. All the year round all can production sales. 4, without being limited by the workshop production of washing products need not too much of a plant, production at home, with their own water, with their own electricity, family workshop, factory production all can! Washing profits product profit analysis: ( Detergent, for example) 1, detergent are high consumption of products, the market demand, the company formula detergent production cost is low, the profit space is huge. 2, detergent cost: 0. 5 ~ 1. 8 yuan/kg market wholesale price is RMB 1 ~ 3. 5 yuan/kg, calculated on the basis, producing 1000 kg per day per day profits: 1000 kg & times; 2 yuan/kg to 1000 kg & times; 1 yuan/kg - $40 & times; 2 ( People - 10 yuan ( Water and electricity) = 910 January profits: $910 & times; 25 days = 22750 yuan/month profits: $22750 & times; Ten months/year = 227500 yuan. Detergent production equipment manufacturer for your sales plan: 1, family, hotel, the guesthouse, the laundry can supply in bulk or large packing type, long-term wholesale. 2, procurement, packaging, wholesale to each market, after the first trial to pay, also can go to the gate, the farmer's market by doing experiment, and sales. Improve visibility. 3, to supermarkets and wholesale markets, sales after the first payment, low wholesale price. 4, laundry detergent, detergent, the countryside shop goods to the outlets of villages and towns and villages salesroom generation of sales. 5, make pilot sale, go to the gate of comparing experiment, compared with famous brand on the spot effect, first trial, ten days can not satisfied with a refund. Line up with valid documents, ten collection again in the future. Six, or contact with dozens of rural township store, each store to put in a bucket of 50 kg barrel bulk detergent, give them 2 yuan a catty, let the shop selling 3 yuan a kilo, everyone recognized product such as, each store sales every day a VAT or a few buckets of laundry detergent. A: bulk detergent - Cleaner can provide what service?
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