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Because the matters needing attention of processed products?

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Now we all need to use most of the family laundry detergent products, particularly in the use of washing machine use rise very convenient, but the processing laundry detergent manufacturer to remind you that you want to achieve a good washing effect, so should also to better control the concentration of time and temperature and so on factors, to be able to more effective laundry detergent cleaning effect into full play. In particular, the processing laundry detergent products use matters needing attention. Including the following aspects: the processing laundry detergent products the matters needing attention are divided into the categories of one's time, attention to slightly longer processing in general laundry detergent manufacturer according to past experience, especially when the use of laundry detergent and enzyme products, a little bit longer, must be in half an hour or more, more then two hours, so can make protease fully play out, to wash the clothes. Processing and laundry detergent manufacturer to emphasize the enzymatic detergent on storage conditions are commonly, if too wet or under the condition of high temperature is easy to failure, and don't hold for too long, so in these areas should pay attention to it. Second, pay attention to the good control of temperature in our laundry vacuole clothes washed, the processing quality and reliable laundry detergent manufacturer to remind the use of the water temperature is not too cold, but not too high, generally to control in only lukewarm state, such as 50 ~ 70 degrees or so more reliable. But the processing laundry detergent manufacturer also remind if is use super concentrated laundry detergent, then use temperature can be a little lower, anyhow can not exceed 60 degrees, or it will kill the protease to reduce the effect of cleaning inside. Third, pay attention to put clothes to laundry detergent in many of us habits of washing clothes is to put the clothes in, the water and then pour the laundry detergent, laundry detergent generation processing factory found actually such operating sequence is unscientific, because it cannot be dissolved because very evenly. Processing laundry detergent manufacturer to emphasize the correct method should be upside down, put the laundry detergent in first, and then put the hydration open, then can put clothes, it will play a better effect, wash clothes very clean, also can avoid leave a residue on clothes. Above is the processing laundry detergent products use included several aspects of the matters needing attention, in addition, if is enzymatic laundry detergent, water temperature control in 40 degrees or so, as far as possible because this product contains the sweat be soiled on alkaline lipase can wash clothes and blood. Quality assured the processing laundry detergent manufacturer to introduce if temperature is too high or too low enzyme activity will be reduced because of this, so to control in a such range, in order to have a better washing effect. Next up: water's influence on the production of laundry detergent do you know? A: laundry detergent generation of processing products and detergent than what are the benefits
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