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【 Because making machine 】 What methods of color clothes to remove stains?

by:Meibao     2020-10-23
White cotton, hemp, polyester fabric color stain to remove pollution color white clothes stained by processing easier, because clothing itself is white, and the color of the contaminated most is the dye fastness is not strong, so use antioxidant sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide can achieve peel color. Strong fastness of dye generally is not easy to fade, not easy also pollute the other clothes. Peel color method has two kinds, one is thermal drift method, one kind is cold bleaching method. Using the low temperature cold bleaching method commonly, because cold bleaching method is more steady and safe. Also can be used high temperature soap lye peel color method, make pollution color uniform step, making the color stain removal. Wool fabric color stain removal of wool fabric is not easy to wash, all want to dry-clean, usually doesn't happen by color or color, only under the condition of the individual or prone to the attraction stains pollution when washed with water. If the pollution of wool fabric color stains, should carry the emulsification method is used to deal with. Choose concentration appropriate soap lye, the temperature control in 50 ℃ - Between 70 ℃, put soaked clothes in cold water, then drain it into soap lye, rapidly up and down repeatedly carry wash, to remove the stain color, make whole clothing color uniform effect. Rinse thoroughly with 40 ℃ warm water twice, reoccupy cold water wash, with 1% at last Pickling treatment, 3% glacial acetic acid aqueous solution to neutralize residual within the fabric of lye. Flower lock phenomenon in a wool fabric after washing, hanging color method can be used. Strands of clothing with water the flowers after soaking squeeze gently, in 40 ℃ - 50 ℃ temperature peregal ( Scientific name alkyl ether) PVC In aqueous solution, will face the outward underwear clothing, pay attention to the solution temperature and faded savings at any time. Make clothing surface must be immersed in the solution, the 2 - 3 hours after treatment, make the flower lock all the dirty clothes on even after take out with dewatering machine dehydration. Peregal solution don't pour out, slowly sucked back into fiber, clothing back tone. Then dehydration, dry naturally. More clothes to remove color stains, please click on the 'laundry detergent making machine' 'laundry detergent packing machine'. Detergent production factory house, the previous: Because making machine 】 What is the difference between laundry detergent and soap
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