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【 Because making machine 】 What are the advantages of car use laundry detergent?

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Laundry detergent is a kind of cooling fluid containing special additive, mainly used for liquid cooled engine cooling system, laundry detergent with antifreezing in winter, summer is boiling, the scale for the full year, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties. Now more than 95% of the use of ethylene glycol at home and abroad water-based detergent, compared with tap water, is the most distinguishing feature of ethylene glycol antifreeze, and water can't freeze. Second, ethylene glycol high boiling point, volatile small, moderate viscosity and temperature change is small, good thermal stability. Therefore, ethylene glycol type of laundry detergent is a kind of ideal cooling fluid. Many drivers generally use laundry detergent used to winter, summer switch to tap water, thought it's cost-effective, actually otherwise. Prevent freezing, prevent the cylinder body and the radiator frost crack is the most basic functions of laundry detergent, laundry detergent and other important functions, such as boiling, scale and corrosion prevention. What are the advantages of car use laundry detergent? Summer use laundry detergent can effectively prevent water tank 'boiled', all the year round use laundry detergent can prevent scale water cooling system, the inhibition of various kinds of metal corrosion. Driver friends usually ignore the harm of 'scale', actually scale quite big to the harm of the car, the scale of the coefficient of thermal conductivity is very small, is 1/25 of the cast iron, brass 1/50. With scale after cooling fluid thermal conductivity is reduced greatly, the engine temperature, corrosion, which prompted scale increasing, the formation of a vicious cycle, scale may also block the cooling system pipe, cause more accidents, according to the relevant domestic information reported that in the normal use of the car engine repairs, 6% of the engine cooling system fails, the fault is the main reason of the scale and metal parts by corrosion, thus the scale and corrosion of metal parts how much harm to the engine cooling system, so all the year round use good quality laundry detergent can not only effectively protect water cooling system, can effectively save money. Add detergent production factory house, an article: 'laundry detergent' ensuring the safety of rural electric making machine degrees in winter
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