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【 Because making machine 】 The difference between the laundry detergent and soap

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
What is the difference between laundry detergent and soap? Let's look at where's the difference? 1) Soap A. Ingredients: is relatively single, generally contain soap base; B。 Moisturizing effect: low, beauty soap is better; C。 Sterilization effect: contains special antiseptic soap, antiseptic soap is better, but many people use the prone to cross infection; D。 Degree of stimulation to the skin, some products containing high soap base, strong irritating to the skin of the long-term use of easily lead to rough skin, peeling phenomenon such as; E. Water-saving: operation time is longer, more water; F。 Convenient: easy to slide, but easy to carry. 2) Hand sanitizer A. Ingredients: a variety of surfactant and multifunctional additives, with clean, whitening and moisturizing effect; B。 Moisturizing effect: very good; C。 Sterilization effect: contain a variety of antiseptic antibacterial ingredients, good sealing, press the pump head can effectively prevent cross infection; D。 The degree of stimulation to the skin: low, good for skin moisturizing effect; E. Water-saving: good hold dosage, less water, but there are a few hand sanitizer wash not clean feeling, more water; F。 Convenience: press to soap, easy to use, old and young all appropriate, but bring inconvenience. Detergent production factory house, in an article: 'dirt' impact on the reverse osmosis water treatment making machine
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