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Because making machine public good startup project

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
A year the four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter, both winter and summer, daily chemical cleaning products is every day, every family, every one of us, from the morning wash gargle to sleep at night wash, all necessary articles for daily use. Its consumer market area, temperature, the age limit. Universal access to the market, as long as there is human life, you must need it. Washing making machine is a small investment in the project so far, reliable, large market of enterprises. Because of washing supplies of raw materials ratio is big water, simple production technology, yield can be up to several tons every day. Sales channels and quantity determines the investors profit income. Laundry detergent profits analysis: calculated on a per kilogram: normal production costs are zero. 70 yuan, bulk type 0. 30 yuan. According to the normal cost, production cost per kilogram is 0. 70 yuan, packaging bottles of 0. 55 yuan. Manual and electric 0. 20 yuan, comprehensive cost per kilogram ( 0. 70 + 0. $55 + 0. RMB 20) = 1. 45 yuan. Production and sales of 2000 catties = total cost 2900 yuan every day. Generally the market price at 5 yuan per kilogram, according to the low wholesale price 3 per kilogram. 00 yuan calculation, production and sales of 2000 tons a day, income is 6000 yuan. Revenue minus costs = profit ( 6000 yuan - 2900 yuan) X = 3100 yuan monthly profits: 3100 yuan day = 96000 yuan of washing powder production factory house, in an article: how to improve the stability of the horizontal mixer?
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