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Because making machine - Laundry detergent can reduce water

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
The name of laundry detergent to let a person think to read is freeze in the winter. Actually the essence of laundry detergent is to cool the engine, ensure the normal order of the engine running. But also antifreeze coolant, otherwise it is freezing in winter. ( Laundry detergent production machine) Laundry detergent have red, blue, green, the color of the laundry detergent itself, the laundry detergent is a color, because the laundry detergent is toxic, in order to remind you. ( Laundry detergent production machine) Because the color of the stone with the quality, performance has nothing to do. ( Laundry detergent production machine) Here to mention why do laundry detergent needless to say, actually the freezing point of water temperature is 0 degrees, will be freezing in winter. The use of our vehicles after a long time in life, anti-icing fluid level drops to less than the minimum scale, if not timely supplement, lead to high engine temperature water boiled, damage the engine. ( Detergent production machine) Many people have a doubt, because of lack of, can we add water to supplement? ( Laundry detergent production machine) Here we first for the laundry detergent, laundry detergent and ninety-five percent are using ethylene glycol aqueous laundry detergent. Ethylene glycol is colorless, slightly sticky liquid, the boiling point is 197. 4 degrees, freezing point is - 11. 5 degrees. ( Laundry detergent production machine) How to minus - Use 40 degrees? This needs another characteristic of ethylene glycol, ethylene glycol can be mixed with water at any proportion, mix due to change the cooling water vapor pressure, freezing point will be significantly reduced. The lower level within a certain range decline with the increase of the content of ethylene glycol. When the content of ethylene glycol was 60%, freezing point can be reduced to - 48. Instead of 3 ℃, exceeds this limit, freezing point to rise. In fact, the truth is, the freezing point of laundry detergent is made from ethylene glycol and water according to the different mixing ratio of a and freezing, freezing point only - pure ethylene glycol 11. After 5 ℃, ethylene glycol, water can achieve the function of laundry detergent. 40% of ethylene glycol and 60% of soft water mixed into a laundry detergent, anti-freezing temperature for - 25℃; When the laundry detergent in ethylene glycol and water 50%, anti-freezing temperature for - 35℃。 So, now you can come to the conclusion, when part of laundry detergent less can add just the right amount of soft water, remember that it is best not to add water, because water prone to scale, can add just the right amount of distilled water or soft water, but only can add right amount, can't add too much, otherwise it will improve the freezing point of laundry detergent, if in the northern cold regions, it's best to do the freezing point test. Detergent production factory house, the previous: making machine - laundry detergent production Laundry detergent that is valid
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