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Because making machine: good good laundry detergent or washing powder

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
Laundry, is often things in your life. In the process of laundry, laundry detergent and washing powder is used frequency is relatively high. For both laundry products, each person has a unique opinion, especially for a housewife, these two kinds of laundry products is very common to the thing in life. However, with the development of modern science and technology, more and more people begin to use the washing machine, it also let many people don't know when the laundry should choose which kind of laundry products. Personally think each have each benefits, now take a look at what is the difference between laundry detergent, detergent, to wash clothes should choose which kind of laundry products. Horizontal mixer form contrast: detergent packing machine laundry detergent can be completely dissolved liquid. While washing powder is usually with many solid filler, so at the time of cleaning, washing powder will have the effect of friction. In the washing machine wash, washing powder is obviously easier than laundry detergent to wash the clothes. Laundry detergent packing machine decontamination ability contrast: reverse osmosis water treatment of making machine washing powder containing phosphorus fertilizer, friction agent, alkaline additives and enzyme additives such as decontamination ability is very strong, and laundry detergent is weak acidic detergent, so at the time of cleaning, decontamination ability is not as laundry detergent. Liquid detergent production machine solid color contrast: detergent after dissolving emit heat, alkaline water is very strong, it also leads to washing powder can damage the fiber in clothing and colour. But the laundry detergent is relatively mild, after washing will make clothes fluffy, luster beautiful beautiful. Washing powder production machine price comparison: a lot of people find washing powder is cheaper, so choose to use the washing powder. Is otherwise, the price of the washing powder is cheap, but it is not easy to rinse clean, usually three or four times to the bubble water rinse. Laundry detergent instant, easy cleaning, can be once or twice its foam wash. So integrated hydraulic, electric power, laundry detergent cheaper than washing powder. Laundry detergent production machine health contrast: laundry detergent production machine because now a lot of people put clothes in the washing machine, it also leads to a lot of time washing powder can't rinse, there will be residual. Directly close-fitting wear these clothes can cause harm to the body, and easy to rinse clean laundry detergent, no excess residue, so more safety and health. For detergent production machine integrated: clean ability: detergent > laundry detergent ability of protective clothing: laundry detergent > price advantage: washing powder detergent > health: washing powder detergent > washing powder, detergent must be good? Actually otherwise, when choosing so we should according to the washing clothes to determine what use laundry products. Such as thick coat, this time you can use the detergent to wash, if the soft sweater, that is about to choose the laundry detergent. Because making machine, in fact, the best laundry suggest or collocation with laundry products. Such as dirt that piece of clothing, with honeylocust first, detergent cleaning larger efforts such as the clean laundry products, and then into the clean with laundry detergent in the washing machine. And like close-fitting wear clothes, can use special clean soap, so is good for the clean and healthy body. Laundry detergent production machine to clean clothes, here small make up also sort out a few tips, see if there are suitable for you. 1, placed inside the washing machine creatures this method is used to increase the friction between the clothing, so that more clean laundry. Lovely solid balls, he put a few when washing clothes. Laundry will be friction between it and clothing, it is easy to clean dirt clean. Because making machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: horizontal mixer how to heating
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