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Bacteriostatic laundry detergent chemical product through the market

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
In recent years, the booming of laundry detergent market, competition is intensifying. Data show that by the end of 2019, China's number of laundry detergent brands on the market for more than 80, item number for more than 800. How to share in a competitive market, become the primary problem of each cosmetic brand thinking. In terms of preemption market, brands have reached a consensus: by digging a new consumer demand, to find a new growth point of the subdivision category. In other words, daily chemical enterprises have begun to emphasize the add function of laundry detergent, and hope that through product differentiation and wrestling. Japan's leading domestic brands, take the lead in the domestic launch efficient in 99. 9% of bacteriostatic laundry detergent series products, in order to effective antibacterial function to open a new blue ocean market. Take the lead in the industry to launch effective antibacterial antibacterial products, efficiently for laundry detergent aseptic products the first to eat crab. Series of products, the market responded enthusiastically. According to statistics, only the electric business platform high efficiency bacteriostatic series product is as high as millions of sales. In the daily chemical products industry, good production machine is of high quality cosmetic products are the key to success. Technical limitations and the accumulation of experience, and by quite a part of making machine manufacturers still use the old production process, it is hard to guarantee the quality of cosmetic products in. Liquid soap, detergent, etc. Making machine was developed for cleaning unit itself making machine, making machine type is rich, making machine high efficiency and convenient operation, do not make any installation and debugging, production materials in making machine, using the latest technology of stainless steel refined mix, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong degree, etc. Making machine safe and reliable, the use of light, can be used to complete mixing, puffing, agglomeration, synthesis process. Making machine, committed to the main building for the factory quality cosmetic production machinery making machine, low cost, high quality, fine chemical industry veteran experience, is the consumer's trust.
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