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To produce washing powder, to produce water

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
Many people all know 'forage military forces, first, in our washing powder production industry applies to this sentence, washing powder is refers to the urea concentration is 32. The urea aqueous solution of 5% and the solvent for ultrapure water, raw material for special materials and ultrapure water washing powder. This shows detergent solution water proportion accounted for more than half. So want to produce detergent solution, first of all we need to do water well. Water in the production of detergent solution, a direct impact on the quality of the detergent solution. If there is something wrong with the water, then make washing powder will have a problem. So the water in the production of detergent solution system is one important step, in the selection system should also be clear water equipment, water production equipment must two-stage reverse osmosis system of water equipment. Now in the market some undesirable businessman, shoddy. Looking at water appearance is same, but the inside of the filter is the time. So the same appearance of the two-stage reverse osmosis water machine is different, price system of water quality is not the same. Production equipment is good, the main see whether the water can meet the requirements.
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