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The winning investment potassium sulphate, potassium project hot blast stove

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
Company, recently winning international trust &investment potassium potassium magnesium special fertilizer and the water soluble potassium sulfate industrial test project in hot stove, the bid price of 4. 98 million yuan. Now sign the contract in accordance with the requirements for the bidding and process, and carry out. K ROM again won the bid for the company international trust &investment company k stove project, is also 'beautiful treasure stove' since 2006 in qinghai salt lake group, qinghai citic guoan technology development co. , LTD. , qinghai lianyu potash co. , LTD. , sichuan Laos kaiyuan kaiyuan group mining co. , LTD. , qinghai marina potash co. , LTD. , middle peasants potash co. , LTD. ( Laos) Such as multiple application of potash fertilizer industry. Investment of potash in xinjiang lop nur were systematically stud Ed co. , LTD was established in September 2000, as a national development investment group co. , LTD. , holding companies, the company existing total assets of 64. 800 million yuan, the natural brine resources for making potassium sulfate as main business to develop lop nur were systematically stud Ed. Company has a capacity of 1. 6 million tons of potassium sulfate production equipment, annual output of 100000 tons of potassium magnesium fertilizer production equipment, is the world's largest single potassium sulfate production enterprises. The company has state-level enterprise technology center. In 2004, the company 'lop nur were systematically stud Ed potash resources development and utilization of research' project was awarded first prize of national scientific and technological progress; Salt Lake City in 2013, the company 'lop nur were systematically stud Ed potassium sulfate 1. 2 million tons/year, complete sets of technology development' won the first prize in national scientific and technological progress.
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