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The sealing performance of the horizontal mixer was also very important

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Because first brief construction, easy to device, sealed performance is good and solid work, make static seal can not leak, so the powder mixer sealing ring seal is used widely. To make seal safety, taking long, when a seal groove is designed, make sure that the seal groove with the appropriate amount of contraction rate and tensile. Second contraction rate is not too big nor too small, too much powder mixer is tightening added stress, friction increases, accelerate the seal wear and distortion of damage is also simple, life spans shorter, sometimes forming device is difficult; Is too small, owe good sealing, leakage. Stretching is sealing effect to the circle and outer circle within the powder mixer, from the perspective of good progress, when the design should try to prevent seal wire diameter center line is drawn, thus sealing ring should be chosen according to the national standard, and seal groove shall also be designed according to the corresponding national standards. Final in case of necessity, to design, but shall strictly control the size tolerance and surface roughness to comply with the request, because of the depth of sealing groove width is too large or too deep formation caused by shrinkage of no leakage. Dry powder mixing machine must request according to the rules of the device. If powder mixer device collar demand, must pay attention to direction of retaining ring device. When powder mixer single direction compression, retaining ring in low pressure side is loaded. Horizontal mixer, detergent packing machine, laundry detergent packing machine, reverse osmosis water treatment making machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent of thawing five small coup you know a few
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