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The prospect of development of laundry detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
1, concentrated laundry detergent, laundry detergent in the United States most rapid development has been popular in the United States, in Europe and Japan already have at least a third of the detergent market, and growing fast. Concentrated laundry detergent is the most rapid development in the United States. In 1992, the world's largest detergent manufacturers procter & gamble announced the release of concentrated laundry detergent in 2008 and began to adopt a 2 x series Ⅷ concentrated formula. From high concentrated laundry detergent with water production process, reduce plastic use, the advantages of urban solid waste emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, at the same time reduce the warehouse storage capacity and transportation costs. 2, and the present situation of laundry detergent formulation technology exhibition trend compared to current laundry detergent and washing powder, obvious weakness on the detergency, therefore, as the fabric washing products, because it is necessary to enhance decontamination performance, whether it is a washing or washing effect for many times. In addition, from the aspects of consumer expectations of laundry detergent nursing performance, also formula of the laundry detergent washing care much effect syncretic requirements are put forward. 3, formulation optimization of laundry detergent due to the application of enzymes in the water is restricted, most manufacturers are not added in the launch of laundry detergent enzymes, which makes laundry detergent for some stubborn stains, such as blood, protein and fat stains staining targeted removal. Laundry detergent actives is far higher than that of washing powder, but cannot rival washing powder on the detergency, on the other hand is the waste of resources. Happily, the company is increasingly concentrated research and development is more suitable for the application of enzyme preparation in liquid enzymes, laundry detergent manufacturers are constantly updating formula, believe in the near future, detergency more heavy duty type of laundry detergent will become mainstream. 4, product diversification of laundry detergent market is also enough to decontamination is given priority to, most of the products on the market also claimed that has additional features such as soft or sterilization. But these functions only play an auxiliary effect, cannot reach a specialized clothing fabric softeners or disinfectant effect. Today's consumers are increasingly high requirements of detergent products, as well as safe environmental protection, do not hurt the skin and fabric, and easy to use and good effect. Can replace a variety of washing products truly multifunctional laundry detergent, is bound to get the favour of broad consumer. 5, enrichment of products, for the moment, laundry detergent formulation are as normal, concentrated, and countries have already put forward to the call of energy conservation and emissions reduction, both in laundry detergent and washing powder to advocate concentrated products, both can save can save a pleased is high, sales of small risk, but from each big laundry detergent manufacturer price war in 2009, the retail price of laundry detergent in constantly to downgrade, promotions is also unprecedented. Such a change, make more consumers choose laundry detergent as the main product of washing clothes, not just for the white-collar personage of high-end products. According to this trend, in the near future, laundry detergent will into the major retail store, become the new darling of the retail industry: next article washing product experts explain an article on how to wash: baby clothes laundry detergent knowledge 5 you every day in laundry mistakes
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