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The new detergent production should be how to choose the raw materials

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
The new detergent production should be how to choose the raw materials? There are a lot of people, before entering the laundry detergent industry raw materials would be worked out how to buy? Where to buy? Such as these problems. Today will give you the choose and buy of laundry detergent raw materials needed for production. Let's to introduce the general way into the purchase of raw materials have? 1, the customer at the local, to choose their partners into the purchase of raw materials; 2, laundry detergent production equipment manufacturer, provides the raw material purchasing business; Is the above two kinds of people into the purchase of raw materials, each have their own advantages and disadvantages, advantages and disadvantages to everyone listed below you can choose according to their needs. The first is a customer to find yourself at a local chemical market supplier, advantage is you can have more raw materials suppliers and channels, each other can also be used to compare their quality and prices, in the local purchase more convenient, reduce raw material transportation cost, disadvantage is the need to take your time and energy to find and compare. The second is laundry detergent production equipment manufacturers to provide raw materials suppliers, advantage is raw material quality can rest assured that these suppliers are laundry detergent production equipment manufacturer was selected after inspection and selection. Weakness is provided by raw material suppliers from some customers distance may be far, on the purchasing of raw materials requires additional transportation costs. And there's a laundry detergent manufacturers, providing raw materials directly to you, is not recommended. Some manufacturers will use your own name instead of the raw materials of various name, such as sulfonic acid is the generic name on the market, bad manufacturer directly from raw materials such as simple name instead of 1, so that you can't purchasing raw materials to the no. 1, from the market because you said no. 1 of raw materials, other people don't know what you said is something like that. These unscrupulous manufacturers put the raw material purchasing, and then sell them to you, among the prices go up, thus causing the production cost of laundry detergent. Another downside is that the price is not transparent, such as market sulfonic acid is the price, and they called 1 the price of raw materials is another price, you didn't also way, because you don't know if they give the name of the raw materials on the corresponding is the raw material market. So, not for the sake of brevity, and fall into the pit of unscrupulous manufacturers. Raw material is one of the important conditions, production of laundry detergent to master in our own hands
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