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The future development direction in the field of civilian cleaning

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
More and more various cleaning mechanism. Such as dry cleaning, mostly in the early stages of development. Wash the dishes. The current normal detergent are basically chemical synthesis of surfactant, use for a long time, can accumulate in the body, prone to serious health problems, abroad have a lot of research and report about this aspect; Food processing equipment cleaning, milk production equipment cleaning detergent formulation, meat tool cleaning, etc are associated with ready-to-eat food; Laundry detergent and softening agent, how many residues will not affect the human body skin, in the developed countries have restricted the use of harmful chemical skin softener to the human body. In line with international standards will make the solution of these problems. Natural laundry detergent, cleaning supplies into the market, and start to know and accept. But the plant is clean detergent formulation products will form a new huge industry, and promote the development of rural farming and related industries. Next article: raw materials for shampoo formula what effect does each have? In an article: how to distinguish the stand or fall of laundry detergent with detergent equipment manufacturer
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