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The future Chinese cosmetic market will keep growing

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
China, as a vast country, broad money in cosmetic market has led many covet, daily chemical industry brand competition is increasingly fierce, some people say that see drama, also depends on the cosmetic market! Indeed, from the competition between foreign brands and domestic brands, break into between to the terminal, to the advertising, price struggle, is really 'spend blurred'! Impression: the market definition and general situation of daily chemical industry is the production and People's Daily life related chemical products industry categories. Generalized daily chemical industry is divided into household chemical industry and other daily-use chemical industry. In narrow sense only refers to the domestic chemical industry of daily chemical industry. Household chemical industry is the clean production, beautification and household chemical products for the purpose of life industry categories. Based on the intrinsic relationship between product categories and long-term habit of Chinese researchers, household chemicals in various product categories are usually regarded as unified, contact the market. This article has pointed out for the special daily-use chemical industry namely household chemical industry, Below are called chemical industry) 。 1, Chinese cosmetic industry characteristics and attractive ( 1) From the trend of the development of the industry at home and abroad, as the necessaries of life, daily chemical industry life cycle is very long, in the foreseeable future has not been replaced or the risk of a recession; ( 2) China's large population, is the world's growth potential and the largest cosmetic market in the future. Between 2005 and 2008, China will become one of the world's four major cosmetics production and sold; ( 3) Main product categories: high added value, compared with other industries have good profit performance; ( 4) As people living standard rise and China's economic development, industry is developing rapidly, in the foreseeable future market will keep growing; ( 5) Because is closely related to the national life, successful business, Such as procter & gamble) , the brand will gain great social reputation. 2, China's chemical industry main product categories and market size classification according to the traditional industry, daily chemical industry habits divided into the following six categories, the overall market size of about 850 - : (90 billion yuan/year 1) Cosmetics ( Contain beauty cosmetics, cleaning, cosmetics, skin care products, hair cosmetics) The size of the market 45 billion yuan ( 2003) ; ( 2) Washing supplies ( Contain soap, washing powder, detergent) The size of the market, 32 billion yuan; ( 3) Oral supplies ( Including toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. ) The size of the market, 6 billion yuan; ( 4) Fragrances, deodorant market size of about 1 billion yuan. ( 5) Insect insect pest control product market size of about 2 billion yuan; ( 6) Other chemical products ( Such as shoe polish, floor wax, etc. ) The market size of about 1 billion yuan. 3, the Chinese cosmetic market growth in the next 10 years in the future, 2005 - 2010) Cosmetics market growth is still higher than the national economy growth, synthetic detergent market is growing fast, but in some segments could still achieve rapid growth. Market growth will be mainly comes from innovation, the development of new products and function of the market segments to meet the special demand, improve the category permeability, satisfy the customer higher psychological demand to promote products, such as the average selling price. Innovation will become the main power to promote the development of the market in the future.
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