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The difference between liquid detergent and distilled water

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Liquid detergent liquid detergent was removed except hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions in the water the other produced by ionization electrolytes dissolved in the water all of the ions. Namely remove soluble in water electrolyte material, mainly through the RO membrane and mixed bed resin to get rid of the ions in the water, common water meter MilliporeElix, but there is still a soluble organic matter, such as heat source, so the liquid detergent generally cannot be used as water for injection; Resulting from electrolytes dissolved in the water ionization ion can increase water conductive ability, liquid detergent purity natural measured by electrical conductivity. Liquid detergent by ion exchange is basic. But can be found in liquid detergent cannot ionization of electrolytes, such as ethanol. The difference between liquid detergent and distilled water popular said, liquid detergent and distilled water are two types of water, instead of two kinds of water. General ion of distilled water is higher than liquid detergent, went to ion without uv disinfection or membrane, may bring some microbes, see the specific process. Both for different requirements can change, saw your specific requirements. If such as pharmaceutical factory production, use purified water and water for injection, with 18 megohm water chip factory and so on. Liquid detergent with ion exchange resin to purify the water a lot of ion of Yin and Yang, but cannot remove all the ions. And distilled water, steam condensation when it meets cold, so do not contain ions (basic The exception of hydrogen ion and hydroxyl ions) , so the purity of distilled water is higher than the liquid detergent, you can know that the conductivity of distilled water conductivity measurement. General analysis using distilled water, and the factory production is the use of liquid detergent. These two kinds of different water are so in the end is caused by different preparation methods different preparation methods. Each method to the purity of water will increase with the increase of repetitions. Purification of the task is to consider the concrete conditions of the original mixture select targeted purification methods. So, want to compare, must specify what water from the start, after several osmosis membrane distillation or several level. And the film also has a lot of kinds. Membrane separation technology itself is constantly developing. Is different in different membrane in addition to the things, can remove very upset matter and to develop very upset. Bacteria can pass through the membrane and remove, does not necessarily have to ultraviolet. Purification is not to add the specified material in water, but from the water to remove the specified material, so there's no different ingredients, and you take what to purify the water. Say simply, liquid detergent is to put the water of sodium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron plasma removed. Look at the packaging of mineral water, is sure to see the content of these ions. Remove these ions, to do research, the experimental results are more precise science. Water for daily life, from 'hard water' to 'soft water, wash clothes can't bubble problem is resolved, and will not heat the water kettle fouling, it is said that the probability of stone can also be reduced. At home, often through direct drinking ions ionized water column. Generally has a pillar to out bacteria. Distilled water to boil the water, the water vapor in the pot is set back into water droplets, these droplets are collected is distilled water. Simple summary is, liquid detergent can replace with distilled water, distilled water level higher than the liquid detergent, but it cannot use liquid detergent with distilled water! The effect of liquid detergent 1, research institutions and enterprises to the laboratory water; 2, making electronic industrial production such as kinescope glass shell, CRT, LCD, circuit boards, computer hard drives, integrated circuit chips, such as monocrystalline silicon semiconductor technology required high liquid detergent, liquid detergent; 3, the chemical industry production process water, liquid detergent is widely used as a conventional solvent, such as chemical reaction cooling water; Chemicals, fertilizers, and fine chemical, cosmetics manufacturing process with the process liquid detergent; 4, biological, pharmaceutical, water for injection, oral agent and artificial dialysis liquid detergent; Five water, beverage industry, such as drinking pure water, distilled water, mineral water, liquor brewing water and blending with liquid detergent; 6 with a liquid detergent, electroplating industry, such as cars, home appliances, building materials products surface coating, cleaning Dun water; Coated glass with a liquid detergent; 7, battery industry with liquid detergent; 8, heat and power plant steam required liquid detergent. 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