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The advantages of traditional detergent formulation _ faults have?

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
The advantages of traditional detergent formulation _ faults have? AES + sulfonic acid + pianjian + + essence + 6501 + 638 + salt preservatives + water = detergent, when the net content of active matter more than 15% is national standard recipes. 1, the advantage is: the big brands are basically using this formula, and to improve themselves. 2, defect is: capital is too high, low price of oil removal is not strong, the consistency is not high, the bubble is not much. 3, produce low price improvement methods: 1) , thickening: replace 6501 with AES partner thickening agent, can reduce capital, progressive thickening effect. 2) , increased oil removal: universal emulsifier, universal emulsifier oil removal ability is general emulsifiers 10 - 40 times. 3) , bubble: increasing concentration high bubble essence, can greatly increase the foaming ability. 4) , lit, increase the water clear agent, let very clear lit detergent. Chemical machinery url: chemical machinery address: hangzhou qingshan district 20 floor 24 hours free telephone: the bank of China tower
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