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Tell you something about joining production washing powder, how to make money

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Gradually stable economic development situation, the country is increasingly valued on environmental protection, environmental protection products are rapidly developed over the last two years. Washing powder is developed in Europe, used to add in the SCR system, through reaction with nox in the exhaust gas, to reduce their emissions. This technique was proved as the most mature and the most cheap and efficient, so by the world scale. As domestic attention to governance haze and national policy, washing powder were introduced as add the use of products. At present, the use of washing powder has been recognised in multiple areas of the country, many manufacturers and entrepreneurs to start the production of washing powder project, for our country's detergent users provide different demand. But, after all, washing powder is only recognized in recent years, so the production less than demand on the market, so this among them is waiting for you to tap into the huge wealth. Washing powder is a kind of use in SCR technology, used to reduce nox in diesel exhaust pollution liquid, its composition is 32. High purity of 5% urea, and 67. 5% of the liquid detergent. Detergent solution is colorless, transparent, clear liquid, SCR will be at work in the urea solution spray to the exhaust pipe, urea solution due to the high temperature decomposition of ammonia, NH3 and CO2 CO2, NH3 and under the action of catalyst, and nitrogen oxides NO and NO2 reduction reaction occurs, to restore it into nitrogen gas H2O, N2 and water so as to achieve the purpose of nitric oxide to reduce NOX emissions. Rein in the country the important situation of environmental protection, washing powder has become a must use the product, to air environment brings good effect, broad prospects to let more people watch the resulting environmental project investment opportunities. Washing powder is a product of national environmental protection plans to develop in recent years, it can effectively deal with pollution from automobile exhaust, and shall be able to process pests nitrogen oxides. Hangzhou machinery in order to better complete national policy requirements, is stepping up to strengthen the quality and yield of detergent upgrade, recruit franchisees and facing the whole country, and to provide a full range of high quality washing powder production machine technology formula, to promote the detergent used all over the country to make a small force, after the owners choose not only greatly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to reach the requirements of environmental protection, and more can lower fuel consumption, to decrease the effect of the cost. In countries attach great importance to the protection of environment and the national regions to carry out the policy of environmental protection measures, the big situation. Washing powder with its advantage of nox deal effectively with the gas emission in the market, in the promotion and application of great progress and development. Hangzhou machinery for washing powder production factory house, will provide entrepreneurs with high quality machine in urea production. Detergent production factory house, the previous: detergent join project proper market running strategy
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