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Teach you simple tell detergent production machine products

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
Nowadays with the development of detergent market, all kinds of brand of detergent to wash making machine manufacturers are also more and more. In the supermarket, department store shelves, all kinds of brand products of quality, efficacy, in the final analysis is on the 'detergent formulation'. Such as fruit and vegetable dish detergent, tableware detergent, biological enzyme detergent, the major types of detergent for washing product market competition is one of the main market. Washing products related to consumers' life, with the growing and changing the washing demand detergent making machine manufacturer's competition focus on the formula, so dig consumer demand, introduce washing demands more targeted segment, formulation of new product is detergent making machine manufacturers the most imminent, with the main factors of core competence. Detergent production machine detergent production line of finishing making machine now in the market of detergent production factory house is multifarious, different detergent production machine and detergent formulation differ in thousands ways, thus produced detergent products have different quality, which directly affect the price of the products and market, the following simple to teach you how to choose the high quality with detergent discrimination method: 1, appearance: good quality products to be uniform transparent sticky, not without impurities, inferior products are layered, turbidity; 2, colour and lustre: qualified detergent color stability, long placed, inferior detergent will layered color, product surface; 3, aroma: good detergent without perfume or fragrance is pure, persistent; Inferior product pungent aroma, acidity. 4, good solubility: detergent can quickly dissolve in the water, quickly clean tableware. Inferior detergent soluble in water, stir for a long time. 5, household effects: high quality detergent to remove stains, easy water; Will be easy to residual quality is bad. Zhejiang co. , LTD. Is specialized in research and development laboratory, can provide users with detergent, laundry detergent analysis test. Discrimination to the naked eye can't distinguish the stand or fall of product comprehensively, welcome the masses of users with different manufacturers products to the company, there will be professional technical teachers for your testing, distinguish different formula the differences and advantages and disadvantages. 。
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