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Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine which is suitable for industry

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
1, the drinking water in residential area. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine water quality meet the needs of community drinking water, with network household, can provide residents with 24 hours of drinking water quality. 2, the food industry raw materials preparation of water. Such as the blending of additives and ingredients, soup or juice ratio and so on, can improve the taste, inhibiting organisms breeding, improve product shelf life. Liquid detergent production machine 3, dairy, beverage, wine industry water preparation. Recommended two-stage reverse osmosis unit, to prevent bad taste caused by foreign body in water, the maximum improve the product quality, and inhibiting the organic matter, improve the product shelf life. Water washing powder production machine 4, the chemical industry. For the ratio of the liquid in chemical raw materials, chemical products manufacturing, chemical recycling, etc. , to prevent the additional chemical reaction caused by excess water ion and quality deviation. Laundry detergent production machine 5, the boiler water of the power industry. Used in boiler make-up water, coal-fired boiler, factories and mines in the power system in low-pressure boiler make-up water, improve the production efficiency, prolong the service life of making machine. Detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: reverse osmosis technology in pure water in the process of making development and application
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