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Reverse osmosis water treatment considerations in making machine use

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Reverse osmosis water treatment when making machine in use should be long-term electricity, water, due to the pure water making machine has automatic control functions, such as water or power often will affect the normal use of pure water making machine. In the use of pure water making machine, should be replaced periodically filter at all levels as required. Start the reverse osmosis water treatment machine, should first turn on the water, check the reverse osmosis water treatment after the pipe making machine, and connected to the power supply, such as the need to stop using pure water making machine, should shut off the power supply first, then shut off water supply. Used in reverse osmosis water treatment flow of reverse osmosis membrane by nissan making machine can be divided into 35 GDP, GDP of 60, 80 GDP, 100 GDP and so on several kinds of specifications, the practical production flow of the making machine and is affected by the temperature of raw water, raw water pressure, which greatly influenced by the raw water temperature. So, it is caused by pure water making machine water rate is high in summer, winter water rate low. Too much water flow will degrade membrane module in advance, so water flow can't exceed the design standard. In addition of strong water flow should decrease as far as possible less than the design standard, under the condition of strong water flow is too small, can make the reverse osmosis device asymmetry occurred in pressure vessel flow and due to the excessive concentration of precipitation dirt on the membrane module. Detergent production factory house, the previous: detergent packing machine high quality price
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