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Reverse osmosis making machine of improper operation will shorten the service life

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
A lot of customer feedback in the use of reverse osmosis making machine, often in not for a long time, will appear this or that kind of fault. It has a great association, and daily operation detail decides success or failure, if in the daily maintenance and use process, a lot of mistakes, that will cause a lot of failure, and even shorten the service life of making machine. Today is about reverse osmosis making machine in daily use process need to be aware of what matters. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine 1, replacement of activated carbon on time in the making machine in reverse osmosis, activated carbon have the effect of removing peculiar smell and residual chlorine, permanent effect will decrease, so the activated carbon should be in at least once a year, though in appearance, and don't see it mostly happens, but the change in time when necessary. Laundry detergent making machine 2, set up an independent water supply system, especially of tap water as water reverse osmosis water treatment machine, it is best to set up a set of independent water supply system, so as to ensure that water supply system will not unexpected, it also can reduce the RO system start to suspend lead to the whole water supply network instant impact. Laundry detergent making machine 3, timely replacement filter to ensure the water quality, as you know, filter made in reverse osmosis machine plays the role of the removal of water and sediment and other large particles clutter, a new filter is white, but with the passage of time, will eventually become brown, because there is a lot of dirt, so is just like the gauze in the washing machine, to timely replacement, to ensure that water quality can't be pulled from the shelves. Laundry detergent making machine 4, reverse osmosis membrane can't more than 5 years of reverse osmosis membrane plays a vital role in making machine, it can only use a three to five years, however, more than 5 years, it can play a role of little, so remember to replace in a timely manner. Detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: reverse osmosis common fault what are making machine
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