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Reverse osmosis making machine in use process should pay attention to matters

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
Reverse osmosis making machine use frequency is higher, so need regular maintenance, explain the following reverse osmosis making machine in the running process of note: 1, the hydrolysis of cellulose acetate membrane reverse osmosis making machine is very easy to cause performance deterioration, therefore, must be strictly control the PH of water quality, water PH must be kept between 5 and 6, and can be in the feed water PH3 - composite membrane PH11 under the scope of operation. 2, reverse osmosis, making machine in the long run due to improper use is also hard to avoid can appear a few little faults, for example in making machine will leave residual gas in high pressure running, pneumatic hammer damaged membrane formation, or shutdown method is not correct lead to no rinse thoroughly. 3, we need to be aware of is the joint between the pretreatment and high pressure pump seal condition is bad, vacuum part will be sucked into the air, should clean or replace the filter, ensure that piping is not leak, found in the operation of the air bubbles should be gradually step-down check reason. Shutdown quick buck did not thoroughly rinse, is due to the high salinity water side of the membrane of inorganic salt concentration higher than that of raw water, easy fouling and membrane pollution, can use dosing chemical reagents pretreatment water flushing. 4, excess water flow will worsen membrane module in advance, so the water flow cannot exceed the design standard, in addition of strong water flow due to avoid less than design standard, under the condition of strong water flow is too small, can make the reverse osmosis device of asymmetry occurred in pressure vessel flow and due to the excessive concentration of precipitation dirt on the membrane module. 5, inlet pressure reverse osmosis unit needs to maintain a proper power margin, otherwise it will because there is no proper compaction, desalination rate reduced. To do a good job in the pretreatment of reverse osmosis making machine configuration pretreatment making machine according to the raw water quality situation, every link is closely linked, the effect of the previous process may affect the next process, and even affect the final quality and performance. Therefore, we must make clear the water quality goals and objectives of each unit processing. 6, under the condition of normal operation, reverse osmosis membrane may also be the inorganic dirt, colloid, microorganism pollution, deposited on the surface of impurities will make desalination rate drops, differential pressure increases, on the membrane damage, so need to chemical washing membrane protective film performance, in order to achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life of the membrane. General 3 - 12 months. Cleaning method is divided into online and offline cleaning cleaning, on-line cleaning is the use of the production machine to clean the membrane element of the whole system, the operation is simple short; Offline cleaning is remove every single membrane cleaning, clean thoroughly with the length. 7, many medium maintenance need to pay attention to scrub, backwashing is the key, waterproof scrubbing water level must be appropriate, air volume to plentiful and to fully, to reverse washing flow control good, more thoroughly. Long-term service filters should be shutdown maintenance work; Microporous filter is a final protective screen of raw water, not only to monitor good import and export pressure difference, but also pay attention to the quality problem of the filter element. 8, reverse osmosis device of high-pressure pump even if there is a very short time interrupt operation can make the device failure. 9, there is need to be aware of is the precision filter differential pressure. In the causes of the sharp rise in the pressure differential is mainly precision filter leaks of turbidity. On the contrary, a differential pressure is the cause of a sharp drop in precision filter cell loss and damage, and fastening screw loosening the phenomenon such as precision filter elements. 10, the higher the temperature of the water in the summer, the flow of water production is more, in some cases had to reduce the operating pressure, to do so will result in water production declining water quality. In order to prevent this, can reduce the number of membrane module, and operating pressure remains high. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine laundry detergent production machine laundry detergent production machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: ion exchange technology, principle and application scope
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