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Recycling reverse osmosis pure water making machine

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Reverse osmosis pure water making machine is filtered to improve water quality, water it recycled? Below small make up take you together. Reverse osmosis membrane element system recovery refers to the reverse osmosis device in the actual when using the total recovery rate. System recovery rate by the feed water quality, the number of membrane element and arranged a variety of factors, such as small reverse osmosis device due to the amount of membrane element, water supply, shorter process, less so system is generally low, and the large reverse osmosis devices used in industry because of membrane element number, feed water flow is long, so the actual system recovery rate is over 75%, sometimes even up to 90%. In some cases, for small reverse osmosis device also requires higher system recovery, lest cause waste of water resources, at this point in the design of reverse osmosis device when you need to take some different strategies, the most common method is to use thick part of the water cycle, namely the concentrated water discharge only part of the reverse osmosis device, the rest of the circulation into the pump inlet, the surface of the membrane element can be ensured to maintain a certain lateral velocity, but also can achieve the user need recovery system, but must not through direct adjust water/water valve to improve the recovery rate of imports and exports, if such operation, can cause the pollution of membrane element speed, lead to serious consequences. System recovery is the higher consumption of water is less, but the recovery rate is too high will happen to the following questions: (1) product water desalination rate decline; (2) may be slightly soluble salt precipitation; (3) strong water osmotic pressure is too high, components of water rate reduced. Generally brackish water desalination system recovery more control in 75%, namely the water enrichment 4 times, when raw water with low salt content, sometimes also can be used 80%, such as a slightly soluble salt content in the raw water is high, sometimes also used low recovery system in order to prevent the fouling. Detergent production factory house, the previous: liquid detergent production machine installation after the completion of the inspection work instructions!
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