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Pure water making machine of water treatment filter process

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Pure water making machine filtration process is as follows: water purification, water a lot of organic compounds can be removed using water purification technology, heavy metal ions and harmful impurities and bacteria, and keep trace elements beneficial to human body. Clear, sweet, rich oxygen can be directly drinking, known as clean water. Pure water, the water can be removed using reverse osmosis technology organic compounds, inorganic composition, heavy metal ions and harmful impurities and bacteria and minerals, can be directly drinkable, referred to as the pure water. Activated carbon is a kind of microporous activated carbon developed carbon compounds, the gap has extremely rich structure ( Up to 1000 square meters) per gram , thus has strong adsorption, water treatment is to use one of the most common water purification materials. To remove the water of different color, odor, organic matter, residual chlorine, improve the taste of water. Microfiltration filtering precision is in commonly 0. 03 - 15 microns, is a kind of static pressure as the driving force, the use of mesh filter medium of the screening effect of sieve medium separation process of membrane microfiltration membrane with more tidy, uniform porous structure, under the action of static pressure difference, less than the particles through the membrane of film hole, larger than the film hole particles trapped in the membrane surface, to separate components of different size. Common all kinds of PP filter, ceramic filter and so on all belong to the category of microfiltration, can filter the impurities in the water and sediment, rust and other large particles. Filtration precision between microfiltration with nanofiltration, its pore size range from 0. 002 microns - 0. 1 micron, is a kind of using differential pressure membrane separation technology, is under the influence of pressure, raw water filter from high voltage side to low voltage side, ultrafiltration can generally be filter out the rust in the water and sand, colloid, macromolecular friends machine objects such as bacteria, harmful substances, and can retain some mineral elements beneficial to human body. Is the core component in the process of synthesis of mineral water, mountain spring. Nanofiltration nanofiltration membrane between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes, its characteristic is only for a particular melt with high removal rate, mainly to remove a nanoscale solute particle diameter, intercept molecular weight is 100 - 1000 mwco is mainly used for removal in the field of drinking water hardness ingredient, trihalomethanes intermediates, bad breath, chromaticity, pesticide, synthetic detergent, soluble organic matter and evaporation residue. Still under low pressure with high desalination performance. For high hardness water softening and desalting is the application of nanofiltration membrane. Ro reverse osmosis technology is in the early '60 s was developed for the space of a kind of high precision using the differential pressure of the membrane separation technology. Its principle is in raw water side is higher than natural osmotic pressure on the pressure, to reverse the natural infiltration direction, the original pressure to the other side of the RO membrane in the pure water, this is the reverse process of infiltration and the nature. Reverse osmosis filtration precision in 0. About 00001 microns, theoretically can filter out almost all the impurities in water ( Including harmful and beneficial) , only to let water molecules through. Commonly used for drinking water, industrial ultrapure water, medicine, ultrapure water production. The reverse osmosis technology to raw water back pressure. Using the control system can be carried out on the reverse osmosis membrane backwash, improve the service life of the membrane. KDF is the abbreviation of the Philippines, is a kind of high purity copper, zinc alloy, through electrochemical oxidation reduction for water treatment work, it can also remove the water as much as 99% of chlorine and water capacity of lead, mercury, nickel, chrome and other metal melting. To control the bacteria, fungi, dirt, algae breeding spectacular results. Can to a certain extent, improve the PH of the water and reduce mineral crystallization in order to prevent the fouling. Pure water making machine application: hyper, pure water and distilled water preparation; Alcohol manufacturing and the degree of water; In the early period of the medicine, electronic industries water preparation; Chemical process of enrichment, separation, purification and preparation of water distribution; Boiler make-up water in addition to salt water softening. Seawater, brackish water desalination; Paper making, water and wastewater treatment of electroplating, printing and dyeing and other industries. Reverse osmosis water treatment machine, liquid detergent production machine, washing powder production machine, laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the last, the preparation methods of laboratory water
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