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Pure water making machine in the existence of residual gas elimination method

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Required to produce the water. Here small make up remind users of pure water making machine, when there is residual gas in the pure water making machine, must be handled in time, otherwise it will affect the use of making machine. So, how to rule out residual gas exist in the industrial pure water making machine? 1, when run industrial pure water making machine start, gases in making machine without row as booster to run fast. Solution: should be under the pressure of two to four par will do the rest of the air, gradually step up running again. 2, when the pretreatment system in the industrial pure water making machine joint seal with high pressure pump is bad or pretreatment water supply shortage, such as micro filter clogging, the seal will be air into the bad places. Solution: clean or replace filter, guarantee the line does not leak. The above content is the residual gas in industrial pure water making machine introduced how to exclude, users in the use of industrial pure water making machine if there are residual gas in the process, you can refer to the above method for processing. Liquid detergent production machine _ _ laundry detergent laundry detergent production machine making machine washing powder production factory house, in an article: what are the difference between straight drinking water and normal water
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