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Private production of detergent to make money? How to identify laundry detergent making machine scam

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
Private production of detergent to make money? How to identify laundry detergent making machine scam? Chemical is a professional engaged in the development of environmentally friendly production machine, daily chemical products, technology development, production, sales, joining, import and export trade as one of the high-tech enterprises. Company's brand is a set of supplies technical formula, production machine research and development, production machining, sales for the integration of machinery production factory house. Professional research and development, production and sales of detergent production machine, small laundry detergent production price shampoo, washing powder production machine, large production machines, car washing powder production machine, automobile antifreeze production machining, multi-function washing powder making machine, washing liquid wax joining, home-based tyre making machine making machine, new type shower gel making machine and so on market price of common daily universal cleaning manufacture machine, my unit also provides the corresponding operation method of the latest technology formula, making machine technology such as a full set of data, and provide free technical advice for a long time. The company technical force is abundant, provide long-term market best-selling brand of various technical formula. To improve product visibility, the company successfully signed host, movie star miss liu clouds 'brand' for the company's image spokesperson. She was hosted in tianjin TV ( Acoustic shock eight side) ( Happy home swim) ( Tonight is a) Sina video ( I got married to crazy) ( Star chat) And so on. The film ( Car in stopping way) ( In fact, I didn't so strong) Many movies, etc. ( I am a detective) ( Happy journey) ( The gun) ( The butterfly hook) Such as a number of television series. And won many honors. Participated in the TV columns around the guests and judges. Believe in a star's hand in hand to create '' brand and the company's advanced technology backed by doing. We will firmly believe that cooperation in a, a success and a benefit. Has been online have a detergent and washing powder production machine all-in-one machine making machine, do it by making machine and the professional detergent, washing powder making machine to do price comparison. Cosmetic, counsels here, buy making machine should shop around, fully understand the production principle, production process of making machine, then decide to buy. Don't because of a temporary showed, pound-foolish. Thousands of dollars of making machine is small, the key is lost time, and entrepreneurial passion and confidence! Below differentiate from fundamentally detergent, laundry detergent production machines and the principle of washing powder production machine, can for your reference. 1) Clothing powder, washing powder, industrial products, such as most of the powder materials. Soda ash, sodium sulphate, sodium silicate, such as raw material is dry, preservation conditions must also be a cool, dry, mostly are more likely to be affected with damp be affected with damp. Such as soda ash, alias: industrial sodium carbonate; Role: foam decontamination; Identification method: white powder feel is rough and easy to moisture absorption, water heating; In some areas can be used to do desiccant. Currently on the market a lot of detergent powder making machine is mixed stirring making machine, buy semi-finished products and second mixture stirring molding. Some companies use by up to 20 meters and high temperature over 300 degrees and investing in more than 800000 tower spray washing powder making machine, can truly make a low cost high quality household grain washing powder. Clothing powder production only by up to 20 meters and high temperature over 300 degrees and investing in more than 800000 tower spray washing powder making machine, can truly make a low cost high quality household grain washing powder. 2) Laundry detergent, detergent, shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer, etc. These products, are all belong to the liquid detergent, raw materials, The surfactant) 10 - of products 20%, much of the rest is 80 - 90% of water. With a lot of production factory production are on the market by external mechanical forces simply mixing moulding making machine, simple mixing weakness is product is just a temporary dispersion, raw materials short of sufficient dispersion and emulsification, product is easy to produce delamination, precipitation, the phenomenon of bad smell. Currently normal manufacturer all adopt mechanical emulsification process, the motor drives the stainless steel shear emulsifying head, can undertake sufficient emulsification and dissolve the raw material, make product shelf life is long, uniform, uniform color, not stratification, precipitation, fully meet the national requirements of shelf-life. Chemical wash detergent production machine is different from traditional mixing making machine; Making machine has a high-speed plasma shear emulsifying and stirring synchronization, lower part of making machine screw pump or centrifugal emulsification and emulsion pump circulation automatic discharge; 3 times than the traditional mixer to save time, product warranty extend more than 2 times, because of good emulsification, large product concentration, detergency, stronger than traditional mixer products under same cost, improve the decontamination index 30% 40%. White group, formal companies (such as blue, science and technology, also from our factory purchase such making machine. Making machine has a big and small, the prices are different configuration is different also, respectively ranging from ten thousand to more than 10, two hundred thousand. Detergent, laundry detergent and washing powder production machine and the principle, a completely different production conditions are completely different, especially in the production of detergent shampoo etc. , on health products is not a workshop with washing powder production. Japan has more than 10 years experience in factory. Making machine and technology all over the country, and exported to Vietnam, kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, Iran, Africa, and many other countries and regions, are welcome to inquire and technology are discussed.
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