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Laundry detergent making machine small common sense, washing machines, even to people's health?

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
Laundry detergent making machine small common sense, washing machines, even to people's health? People need to add detergent when use the washing machine, and the use of the detergent is there are a lot of knowledge, improper use not only cannot achieve the ideal cleaning effect, and perhaps to clothing, washing machine, and even cause harm to people health. About the following, we will give you about catharsis things when using the matters needing attention. Expired product special features will failure catharsis things to pay attention to the shelf life of choose and buy, because of laundry detergent contains surfactant, lotion will not spoil by time in the process of storage, so does not affect the use date. But, has a special function additives, such as enzyme preparation, with the extension of the storage time and gradual deactivation, the higher the temperature the faster the inactivation. However, even if the enzyme preparation complete failure, but other ingredients is still valid, so there are still certain decontamination effect. Rinse clothes save some bubble does not matter on the washing rinsing several times there will still be some residual bubble, many people think that there is no clean clothes this time, have to wash all the bubble. The expert points out, a small amount of residual bubble is unimportant, within the scope of the security. In the amount of laundry detergent is roughly the right circumstances, fully automatic washing machine set of normal washing mode can rinse clean clothes, if it is washed by hand, thoroughly rinse can be two or three times. In addition, experts also emphasized the importance of laundry. Soak process is also a process of decontamination, practice shows that soaking is a process of dirt to aqueous solution, soaking only without any mechanical force, we can see the water is dirty, showed that soaking is a process of decontamination needs. Detergent excessive damage clothes a lot of people think of laundry detergent, the more the more clothes clean, but that is not the case. Experts say, because after reaching a certain amount, detergency is no longer increases with addition amount. Because too much can increase the alkaline solution, has damage to the clothing fibers, excessive and laundry detergent residues is attached to the garment, rinse up fee of water hard time. Laundry in addition to grasp the dosage of washing supplies, water temperature control chemical machinery url: well chemical mechanical address: hangzhou qingshan district 20 floor 24 hours free call the bank of China tower, under normal circumstances, the washing water temperature higher, decontamination is better, but not the higher the better. Commonly used with enzyme washing powder contains alkaline protease and alkaline lipase, the activity of two enzymes related to temperature, about 40 ℃ enzyme can play the best effect, the temperature too high or too low will reduce the activity of enzyme. Protease has modified effect, high temperature, protein to coagulate, solubility decreased significantly, like protein after high temperature will be set, often with protein stain on clothes, after high temperature to coagulate in clothing fibers, which makes besmirch is more difficult to remove.
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