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How to distinguish choice when buying laundry detergent production equipment quality equipment

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Review of Chinese cleaning industry in recent years the most popular, it must belong to laundry detergent, laundry detergent market, low cost, is to sell water to make money, and the decontamination effect is the same as the old brand of laundry detergent, investing into many people's entrepreneurial choice, then we how to discriminate when buying laundry detergent production equipment equipment quality of the products? Root can generally have the following to judge quality of laundry detergent production equipment: 1, laundry detergent production equipment material basis of different cleaning supplies to acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance characteristics and state of cleaning supplies and health standards, the material of production equipment are required to use stainless steel; Come down defect laundry detergent production equipment to produce cost, mostly used plastic board or generally produce tin, only need to produce a few times, equipment is rusty; These devices to produce the rust tend to be mixed in cleaning products can't erase, the product is not in conformity with the national mandatory health standard. 2, laundry detergent production equipment power: most of the cleaning production when producing requirements halfway down sampling, testing to boot, which requires the equipment with load, enough power outage; According to the practice of our produce, in under the premise of high quality transmission equipment, meet the normal production conditions of electric power is not less than 1000 w; Our company supply equipment, using national standard 1500 w above whole sealing type, acidproof alkali copper wire motor equipped with corresponding transmission device, 24 hours after normal operation. Defect equipment general power - in 200 750 w, use defective aluminium conductor shanzhai motor, successive operations is less than 2 hours beginning high temperature smoke, once the feed is a bit more or loading stop halfway, and then start equipment will be stuck, once stuck, aluminum conductor shanzhai motor will short circuit burned immediately. 3, laundry detergent production equipment electrical safety is different: as we know, all kinds of emulsifier and washing is conductive material after the dust of be affected with damp be affected with damp, to prevent dust drift to leakage and short circuit is formed on the electrical appliances, high quality laundry detergent production equipment should have strict security measures. Our company choose the distribution box is fully closed and gb brand electrical accessories, can be useful to prevent normal produce high risk of electric shock, ensure use safety. Defect equipment is mostly road next to produce small workshops, use defective electrical accessories and highly standard line layout, equipment sensation thrum has dropped slightly, electric cabinet for open internal thread bare, dust easily into the electric cabinet, use very insecure. Next up: 'water' impact on the production of laundry detergent in an article: how to correctly use laundry detergent washing clothes
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