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How much do you know about the function of the glass of water?

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
How much do you know about the function of the washing powder? Washing powder on the market have a lot of variety, dazzling, here small make up to help you understand the washing powder little common sense. How much do you know about the function of the washing powder? The brightness of the first washing powder, a bottle of good detergent water is key to using pure water do high brightness not precipitation shelf life long caustic washing powder. There are a lot of water is the basis of family firms adopt water treatment without the water conductivity, high hardness of water is big, the products are not put how long can appear impurities, floc, it is not hard to understand. Second good detergent can make the car's windshield, produce a kind of protective film, after the rain fall on the glass with water, rain weather can have a good line of sight, greatly reduces the accidents, high-end washing powder has the functions now. Third washing powder of good anti-fog winter driving is the most headache while driving to wipe glass, there are a lot of accidents are due to clean the Windows. Good detergent ingredients contain frost mist, effective adsorption on the surface of the glass, not frost, obvious effects for long, is a high-end washing powder has the function. Fourth washing powder of antifreeze performance due to the cost of the laundry detergent and the freezing point of antifreeze has a direct relationship, so a lot of manufacturers to reduce costs, do the freezing point of washing powder is very small, frozen temperature slightly low, some don't add antifreeze directly. Cheap, after all, only less than 3 yuan a bottle washing powder, think about how much money a bottle of mineral water, ha ha it is no good cheap goods, good stuff is not cheap.
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