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Detergent washing powder making machine production process

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 washing powder equipment production of washing powder technology have? Detergent production mainly include urea purification, water treatment and configuration solution three stages. The whole production process mainly involves the craft is refined, barriers to production is not too high. 1, urea as the washing powder purity requirement is high, generally USES industrial urea ( Impurity content is lower than the farm urea) For purification, in 70 - Of 75 ℃ when the urea hydrolysis, in aqueous solution under 30 ℃ to urea crystallization from aqueous solution, hydrolysis of crystallization can greatly improve the purity of urea at a time, general industrial level of urea hydrolysis crystallization time can reach the standard of washing powder. 2, water treatment, detergent for strict control of impurities, ordinary tap water generated in the process of due to reasons such as disinfection contain chloride, difficult to handle, so generally use the deep groundwater to remove calcium and magnesium ions reduce water hardness of soft water, for the use of detergent solution preparation. 3, configuration of detergent liquid detergent solution for the urea content in general. 8% ~ 33. 2%, the final step is to soft water washing powder production and purification of urea mixed dissolve, and then to filling. Above is washing powder equipment manufacturer introduces detergent washing powder production process. In an article: detergent equipment should have what performance
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