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Detergent use the matters needing attention, come and look at a car

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - Note: 01 detergent used, pay attention to the storage to ensure that the detergent is stored in a cool, is not subject to direct sunlight place, at the same time should be tight lid avoid detergent contact with air oxidation, antifreeze performance. Second, pay attention to when changing the cooling system of internal cleaning at the time of replacement of detergent, if the cooling system of engine inside is not clean, there will remain some scale and other sediment, which can make the detergent significant color change in a short time. If change the color of the detergent, suggests that is bad. So before the replacement of detergent, to ensure that the old detergent has been completely emissions and has set up a cooling system for internal cleansing. Third, check the liquid level height of detergent every quarter should be timely check the engine compartment of pot of detergent reservoir liquid level height, normal level should be between MAX and MIN scale line, below the MIN scale line should be timely supplement the same brand of detergent. Fourth, pay attention to change regularly scour in order to ensure the normal work of the engine cooling system, please change regularly detergent, replacement cycle is two years commonly or 40000 km ( Specific brand models differ) 。 5, pay attention to the detergent do not add water inside detergent if the water inside, it's freezing point will increase, this will affect the engine cooling effect. And because the tap water contains impurities, make the detergent will gradually produce sediment, ultimately affect the cooling system efficiency. Six, be careful not to mix with detergent because of the different components of different kinds of detergent, its freezing point is different also, so be selected according to the temperature condition of the vehicle environment. General selection of detergent freezing point should be lower than the local minimum temperature 1015 ℃, so as not to lose anti-freezing function detergent. The previous: joining production washing powder, tell you something about how to make money
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